Subtitle Edit Videos

Part 1 - Installation & opening a subtitle file

The Subtitle Edit download consists of a ".rar" file. This is the Subtitle Edit files compressed into one single file. You need to unpack the file with WinRar. Unpack all files to your harddrive e.g. "C:\Program Files\Subtitle Edit". Now you can drag SubtitleEdit.exe to your desktop with the right mouse button down and choose 'Create shortcut here'.
If you right-click on a ".srt" file, you can choose "Open With" -> "Choose program...". Here you can browse to SubtitleEdit.exe and tick the "Always use..." checkbutton.

Part 2 - Edit, delete & undo

A few of the most basic operations.
Many functions are available in the listview context menu (right-click on subtitle line).

Part 3 - Visual Sync

A quick test of visual sync - synchronizing a subtitle out of sync.
Tip: Use the shortcuts.

Part 4 - Google translate & translation helper

This video demonstrates how to translate a subtitle from one language to another.
Tip: Use the keyboard shortcut <Alt + arrow down> to go to next subtitle line.

Part 5 - Review a subtitle (find common errors)

This video demonstrates how to review a subtitle.

Part 6 - Compare

This video demonstrates how to compare a subtitle.
Color syntax:
  • Green = No change (same as original)
  • Red = Line was inserted/deleted
  • White = Line was changed

Also, don't miss the Subtitle Edit Help.