Subtitle Edit Videos

Part 1 - Installation & opening a subtitle file (video obsolete)

Subtitle Edit is available from the GitHub release page.
Several files are available for download - the installer version that most people will want to use is the file called something like "".
If you use the portable versions (no installer) then do not unpack to "C:\Program files" as write access to the files is needed. Instead unpack to something like "C:\Tools\SE".
Also note that the files are described on the release page if you scroll a bit down.

Part 2 - Edit, delete & undo

A few of the most basic operations.
Many functions are available in the listview context menu (right-click on subtitle line).

Part 3 - Visual Sync

A quick test of visual sync - synchronizing a subtitle out of sync.
Tip: Use the shortcuts.

Part 4 - Google translate & translation helper

This video demonstrates how to translate a subtitle from one language to another.
Tip: Use the keyboard shortcut <Alt + arrow down> to go to next subtitle line.

Part 5 - Review a subtitle (find common errors)

This video demonstrates how to review a subtitle.

Part 6 - Compare

This video demonstrates how to compare a subtitle.
Color syntax:
  • Green = No change (same as original)
  • Red = Line was inserted/deleted
  • White = Line was changed

Also, don't miss the Subtitle Edit Help.