Subtitle Edit Videos

I've no clue about how to make help videos, but luckily some nice people have made video tutorials for Subtitle Edit on YouTube :)
Below are a few of the best fan made tutorials.

Subtitle Edit Review

by David Mbugua

Description: Review of Subtitle Edit with focus on settings.

Create Captions for YouTube Videos

by TanUv90

Description: Shows how to create subtitles via waveform and upload to a Youtube video.

Comments: SE can allow overlapping: Go to Options - Settings - Waveform/spectrogram: Allow overlap - or just hold down "Shift" while moving/dragging border line in the waveform.

Hint: You can use a shortcut instead of right-clicking in waveform and click "Add text here" for new selection (default shortcut in later versions is the "Enter" key).

The EASIEST FREE way to create Captions for YouTube

by TroubleChute

Description: Shows how to install SE (portable version) and create subtitles via waveform.

Comments: You can resize the controls in SE, e.g. so the edit text field is not large (and give more room for the list view).
Also, when using portable version, SE needs write access to the installation folder, so do not install to "C:\Program files\..."

Subtitle Edit - How To Make Professional Subtitles (Easy)

by NewMan2015 - How To

Description: Overview of UI elements in SE, waveform options and how to setup shortcuts.

Comments: A bit older, but still explains many key elements of SE.

Position captions on Youtube using EBU-STL

by Karl-Axel Zander Persson

Description: How to use alignment and how to save in EBU STL format.

To see alignment in the video preview, you need to use "mpv" video player (Options - Settings - video player)

If you know of other good Subtitle Edit YouTube videos feel free to email me.

Also, don't miss the Subtitle Edit Help.