Subtitle Edit 3.6.3

A nice new version of SE is out now :)


  • Many new settings in "Video - Generate video with burned-in subtitles"
  • ASSA auto set resolution, icon for ASSA draw (thx Leon)
  • Waveform performance improvements + minor fixes

Check the change log for more details.

by tech at 21-12-11 02:00
do you think you could integrate YoloCR into SE so we could OCR hardsubs

by tech at 21-12-11 02:09
for generate blank would be helpful if SE can see how long the subtitle file is...and auto set that in the video length (which you can then change if need be)

if your going to start allowing ASS automation scripts into SE....they really should be in their own dedicated section....theres alot of scripts that could be added

by Ricky at 21-16-11 08:28
since 3.6.3 when importing subtitle from video file, this window opens "Change ASSA script resolution"
can that be deactivated/removed?

by George at 21-17-11 12:58
As always, great work, marvellous piece of software!

I second Ricky's comment about an option to disable the "Change ASSA script resolution" popup every time I import a video file with an .ass sub in it.

Small new bug I've noticed in v3.6.3 - when resyncing an srt file, the new start time doesn't register for the line that is used as the base for the "set start and offset the rest" function. All lines below the base line will show altered times but the base will always show it's original start time.

This is a purely visual bug as the new time that's been set DOES work, it just doesn't update that starting timecode for the base line selected as the start time.

Not sure if this affects other formats as I only work srt's.

by at 21-17-11 13:29
OK, next version will have a "No, never" button for "Change assa resolution" :

Resync (set start and offset the rest) should also be fixed.

Beta link:

by George at 21-20-11 12:45
Wow, that was fast! Thanks for the fix, bug is squashed.

by techguru at 21-02-12 00:16
Tesseract 5.0 is released

by at 21-02-12 17:03
@techguro: thx, included in latest beta now.

by Prashanth Palaparthi 10 hours ago
Mr. Nikolaj Lynge Olsson
               Subtitle Edit latest version is not installed on Windows 10. Because supporting application Dot Net Framework requires too much-advanced version needed. DNFW is not installing so subtitle edit is also not installing and I'm using the old version Please update to be suitable for Windows 10

by 9 hours ago
SE is very suitable for Windows 10 :)
Install the dot net 4.8 runtime and SE should work just fine.

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