Subtitle Edit 3.6.2

Subtitle Edit 3.6.2 is ready.


  • Can burn-in subtitles in video
  • Allow custom shortcuts for plugins
  • Improved support for ASSA, incl. tag helper, position helper - and fade/draw plugins

Change log

by Les Firth at 21-25-08 13:56
Installing on Windows 10. Up to date with maintenance. Get alert from Windows Defender on downloading SubtitleEdit-3.6.2-Setup.exe. Alert is Trojan:Win32/Zpevdo.B
Affected items:
containerfile: \\Pond\Software\Subtitles\SubtitleEdit\
file: \\Pond\Software\Subtitles\SubtitleEdit\]SubtitleEdit-3.6.2-Setup.exe
webfile: \\Pond\Software\Subtitles\SubtitleEdit\||pid:6544,ProcessStart:132743658786886962

Hope this helps


by at 21-25-08 14:23
@Les: Please report false positive to your anti-virus provider.

by admas at 21-25-08 15:38
Hi Nikse
Some functions are not included in the translation file. There are screenshots with untranslated items in the zip archive.

by at 21-26-08 16:54
@admas: thx for the info - I've added the missing tags on Github (except for the "Netflix qc" as it might be changed...)

by at 21-27-08 09:05
@Les Firth: Windows Defender seems to be happy again :)

by David Mbugua at 21-28-08 07:29
Thank you so much for adding the option to Burn in subtitles to the video. Highly appreciated feature.

Hoping to see the video dimensions, bitrate, and how much time is remaining added as well to the generate video with burned-in subtitles window. Would be an awesome addition.

Thank you so much!

by Dom at 21-29-08 13:58
Hi Nikse,

I am using the portable version of Subtitle Edit 3.6.2 in French.
When I choose the French language in "Options -] Choose language ...", an error message is displayed:
"Could not load language file fr-BE.xml
Error Message:
Stack Trace:
... "
The fr-BE.xml file does not exist in the Languages folder.
I think there is an error in Subtitle Edit 3.6.2. It should refer to the fr-FR.xml file that exists in the Languages folder.
There is no mistake with other languages.

Thanks in advance for fixing this bug.

by at 21-29-08 16:19
@Dom: The French language is fixed in latest beta.

by at 21-29-08 18:15
@David: thx for the suggestions :)
Progress and resolution added in latest beta.
This feature was inspired by a video on YouTube ;)

by Dom at 21-29-08 21:15
@Nikse :
OK, thanks.
I am not using the beta version. Can you tell us when this will be fixed in the stable version ?

by at 21-29-08 21:45
@Dom: Sorry, I don't know when SE 3.6.3 will be out - mostly the SE release cycle is about 3 months.

by Dom at 21-29-08 22:43
@Nikse :
OK, thank you for your answer.

In the meantime, is it not possible to release a modified version of Subtitle Edit 3.6.2 stable version with the correction of this bug ?

by at 21-30-08 03:40
@Dom: Latest beta should be ok.

by at 21-30-08 08:02
@Dom: You could also open the file "fr-FR.xml" with notepad and change "fr-BE" to "fr-FR", which should fix loading the French translation.

by Dom at 21-30-08 11:35
@Nikse :
Do you mean change the title of the file "fr-FR.xml" to "fr-BE.xml" ?

by at 21-30-08 17:19
@Dom: Edit the xml file "fr-FR.xml"and change the value of the xml tag "CultureName" from "fr-BE" to "fr-FR" (changing the file name from "fr-FR.xml" to "fr-BE.xml" will probably also work).

by Dom at 21-30-08 23:15
@Nikse :
Thank you, it works.

by Dennis Miskic at 21-09-09 12:58
Is this compatible with macOS as well?

by at 21-09-09 16:08
@Dennis Miskic: Sorry, this is a Windows program. Can also run somewhat on Linux.

by David Mbugua at 21-13-09 01:10
You're welcome, Nikolaj.

It would be awesome if when working with Right to Left Languages (Arabic, Hebrew, etc) and one opts to use ASS subtitles that the Right to Left formatting is maintained.

I noticed that this is not the case and it would be a highly welcome addition especially when one wants to burn RTL subtitles with a background.

Thank you so much.

by Charvelx04 at 21-23-09 23:21
I have an MKV file I'm trying to extract a sub from. Sub is in .ass format, I open the file.. it reads the file, then crashes back to the desktop.
Let me know if you wish to view the file for reference.

by at 21-24-09 07:58
@Charvelx04: The file would be nice, thx :)

by Charvelx04 at 21-24-09 22:05
Sending file to you, from this email address:
morpheous416 (@) yahoo

Zipped as STLDS2E6

by at 21-25-09 10:01
@Charvelx04: It seems to work fine for me in latest beta. Do you still get the crash?

by Mike at 21-17-10 00:10
I just downloaded version 3.6.2 the other day and I want to suggest some improvements. I see that choosing the mpv engine has the video player reflect whatever font and letter size is chosen in the .ass format under the "A" icon in the toolbar. However, if you switch from that to another format like .srt the mpv engine will still reflect the font and letter size from the .ass format which ignores what was chosen in the settings menu under video player for the subtitles. Can this be changed so that switching the subtitle format from .ass to .srt while using the mpv video player engine will also switch the subtitles in the video player from reflecting the font and letter size under the "A" icon to whatever is in settings under video player in the options menu?

Second, I see that additional options like the "A" icon are only in the .ass format but not in the .ssa format. The .ssa format is very similar to .ass only with some less options I believe. So can the .ssa format be updated to have those additional icons and features that it shares with .ass?

On a separate issue, for the last couple of versions there is a problem that is very annoying that I don't remember having. I like using MPC as the video engine but lately when using that video engine, every time I open a subtitle file that has a video attached to it the video player will start automatically playing the video. This is very frustrating because if it starts playing in the middle of a very loud part then I have to scramble to pause so I don't get a sudden burst of loudness. What is going on? I don't remember this ever happening in all of the years I used Subtitle Edit while having the MPC engine as the video player. What can be done to turn off automatic playback for MPC in Subtitle Edit?

Thanks for your work on Subtitle Edit!

by at 21-17-10 14:07
@Mike: thx for the input :)
Preview should reflect current sub format now.
Icons (style + properties) are now shown for SSA too.
MPC: No code has changed in many years, so it must be some auto-play feature... but SE now try to pause mpc after video load.
Beta version updated

by at 21-17-10 14:55
The above beta now also supports font in SSA.

by Janusz at 21-17-10 19:21
@Nikse Hello
SE 3.6.0 opens the video in a paused state, versions 3.6.1 and 3.6.2 do not. The last 3.6.2.beta167 does not work at all with the MPC-HC engine (my MPC-HC version: Nightly, 64-bit). I have no problems with increasing the volume described by @Mike. There is another problem: the checked MPC-HC: Remember File Position option affects how SE opens the video file and so SE 3.6.0 opens the video file at the stored position, while versions 3.6.1 and 3.6.2 start playing from this stored position.
In my opinion, after loading the subtitles, the SE should behave according to the options set on the General tab in Settings.

@ Mike wrote: "What can be done to turn off automatic playback for MPC in Subtitle Edit?"
In MPC-HC options on the Playback card, for the Play option, enter "0".
However, after the video has been added in this way, the scroll bar in the preview does not work, you need to turn on the playback for a while to start the bar again.
If you want the preview to always start from the beginning of the video and not from the remembered position, disable the [Keep history of recently opened files] option on the Player tab in MPC-HC options.
Sorry for my mistakes - I'm using a translator.

by at 21-18-10 21:04
Hm, I can't get any mpc version working any more - also in older versions of SE. Perhaps some Windows fix?

by at 21-18-10 21:08
@Janusz: mpv in SE starts in paused state on my PC... is that not the case for you? Other users?

by techguru at 21-18-10 21:18
nikse....instead of using should integrate libav or ffdshow into SE like how aegisub does it...

by Janusz at 21-18-10 22:19
@ Nikse wrote: @Janusz: mpv in SE starts up in standby on my computer ... doesn't that apply to you?
Not. For me, just like for you - mpv starts in standby.
And the problem with mpv, which I wrote about here concerns the volume after opening the subtitle file (.srt) and attached video, sometimes even just the video.

There is also such a problem with mpv: if the system does not have DirectShow Filter installed: e.g. LAVFilters or Haali Media Splitter then above the video preview window, besides the video file name, "0x0 Unknown" is displayed instead of, for example: "1920x1480 25.0" (for. ts) or sometimes nothing else but the .mkv file name itself.

by at 21-19-10 08:54
@techguru: mpv really is an excellent video player via API - mpc is really not... ffdshow is no longer developed as far as I know - let me know if you can find c# wrappers for lavfilters/libav/ffmpeg.

mpc seems to work no longer... I guess I have to remove it.

by at 21-19-10 08:55
@Janusz: I do not have any issues with volume and mpv I think... how can I re-create the issue?

The "0x0" issue with mpv (without lav filters) should be fixed in later beta versions.

by Janusz at 21-19-10 14:04
I sent a fragment (beginning) of the movie and a subtitle file .srt to the e-mail.
To reproduce the problem with the volume, run SE (my version 3.6.2) and drag the .srt file to the main window. If the program works properly after loading the files and the volume bar does not disappear - close the program and repeat the procedure from the beginning. I haven't found a rule that will work 100% always and every time, so sometimes a second, third or subsequent run of the program and loading of files will cause the volume bar to disappear and the volume to be muted.
Other cases where the volume is muted (not always):
- after completing OCR, when the program switches to editing the subtitles and loads the video file from which the OCR was made,
- when I change video files in the preview window.

by at 21-19-10 16:00
@Janusz: thx for the files/info.
I was not able to re-produce the issue, but tried to fix it here:
Any better?

by Janusz at 21-19-10 17:47
Thanks for the fix.
Seems to be working fine.
Certainly the volume bar is more stable and it no longer turns off for a moment when opening a new video file.

by Martin at 21-19-10 19:15
Hi Nikolaj.

I have sent mail to you twice but haven't got any reply. Maybe it's in your spam folder so you haven't seen it? The subject is "Add support for this unknown subtitle type".

by at 21-20-10 10:40
@Martin: I'll try to add read support for this format.

by at 21-20-10 16:02
@Martin: Combined ttml is now supported in latest beta.

by Martin at 21-20-10 18:33
@Nikolaj It's working perfect, big thanks! I will send you a donation very soon.

by Xy at 21-21-10 18:29
"mpv in SE starts in paused state on my PC... is that not the case for you? Other users?"

Just to report, mpv starts in paused state on SE 3.6.2. portable.

When you will issue 3.6.3. version?

by at 21-22-10 10:40
@Martin: thx for testing :)

@Xy: Also thx for testing.

SE 3.6.3 should be out in a few weeks - do give latest beta a test run.
Note that SE now has more dll files as SubtitleEdit.exe no longer has those dll files packed into it - should hopefully keep all the poor anti virus programs from going berserk.

by Janusz at 21-22-10 23:59
"* Fix for mpc-hc not showing video"
SE 3.6.2 NEXT, beta 202
While opening (File / Open) a new text file with the attached video while the previously loaded video is played seems to work fine, moving the subtitle file to the main window of such a running program causes it to hang. SE stops responding. This does not happen when I stop the loaded video beforehand.

by at 21-23-10 07:54
@Janusz: thx - mpc-hc drag-n-drop crash is hopefully now fixed.

by TCR at 21-23-10 11:30
Is there a option to change a number as 2,300 into 2.300?

by tech at 21-23-10 17:40
sorry I ment FFmpeg
these are the top libav wrappers

also yes I know that mpv is good...but if libav was integrated with wouldn't really need to worry anymore about bugs with different video players.....and libav is always being updated

if you need some ideas about how to integrate could just take a look at how aegisub is doing it (yes I know its not the same code as SE)

by Janusz at 21-23-10 18:17
If your question is about SE and editing the text in it then yes.
Press Ctr + h, to [Find what] enter: "(\d),(\d)" without ", in [Replace with] enter: $1.$2, select [Regular expression] and now select what you want to do: Find, Replace or Replace all.

After starting the program, the status.log message "Converted to SubRip (.srt)" is displayed on the status bar, which disappears after a short while. Stable version 3.6.2, after starting the program, it displays nothing at this point - status.log is empty.

When configuring MPC-HC, when madVR or MPC Video Renderer is used instead of EVR CP in Output / Direct Show, during the second and subsequent loading of the subtitle file with the video, an empty MPC-HC window opens after switching on the playback, which can be removed only by stopping playback.

by at 21-24-10 09:35
@tech: C/C++ libs are not easy to use from C#...

1) SE with MPC-HC + madVR works fine for me.
2) "Converted to SubRip (.srt)" is displayed when SE encounters a format with only read support - the sub will be converted to the default format (SRT unless changed in Options - Setting - Subtitle formats)

by techguru at 21-27-10 07:01
do you think you could integrate YoloCR into SE so we could OCR hardsubs

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