Subtitle Edit 3.6.2

Subtitle Edit 3.6.2 is ready.


  • Can burn-in subtitles in video
  • Allow custom shortcuts for plugins
  • Improved support for ASSA, incl. tag helper, position helper - and fade/draw plugins

Change log

by Les Firth at 21-25-08 13:56
Installing on Windows 10. Up to date with maintenance. Get alert from Windows Defender on downloading SubtitleEdit-3.6.2-Setup.exe. Alert is Trojan:Win32/Zpevdo.B
Affected items:
containerfile: \\Pond\Software\Subtitles\SubtitleEdit\
file: \\Pond\Software\Subtitles\SubtitleEdit\]SubtitleEdit-3.6.2-Setup.exe
webfile: \\Pond\Software\Subtitles\SubtitleEdit\||pid:6544,ProcessStart:132743658786886962

Hope this helps


by at 21-25-08 14:23
@Les: Please provide false positive to your anti-virus provider.

by admas at 21-25-08 15:38
Hi Nikse
Some functions are not included in the translation file. There are screenshots with untranslated items in the zip archive.

by at 21-26-08 16:54
@admas: thx for the info - I've added the missing tags on Github (except for the "Netflix qc" as it might be changed...)

by at 21-27-08 09:05
@Les Firth: Windows Defender seems to be happy again :)

by David Mbugua at 21-28-08 07:29
Thank you so much for adding the option to Burn in subtitles to the video. Highly appreciated feature.

Hoping to see the video dimensions, bitrate, and how much time is remaining added as well to the generate video with burned-in subtitles window. Would be an awesome addition.

Thank you so much!

by Dom at 21-29-08 13:58
Hi Nikse,

I am using the portable version of Subtitle Edit 3.6.2 in French.
When I choose the French language in "Options -] Choose language ...", an error message is displayed:
"Could not load language file fr-BE.xml
Error Message:
Stack Trace:
... "
The fr-BE.xml file does not exist in the Languages folder.
I think there is an error in Subtitle Edit 3.6.2. It should refer to the fr-FR.xml file that exists in the Languages folder.
There is no mistake with other languages.

Thanks in advance for fixing this bug.

by at 21-29-08 16:19
@Dom: The French language is fixed in latest beta.

by at 21-29-08 18:15
@David: thx for the suggestions :)
Progress and resolution added in latest beta.
This feature was inspired by a video on YouTube ;)

by Dom at 21-29-08 21:15
@Nikse :
OK, thanks.
I am not using the beta version. Can you tell us when this will be fixed in the stable version ?

by at 21-29-08 21:45
@Dom: Sorry, I don't know when SE 3.6.3 will be out - mostly the SE release cycle is about 3 months.

by Dom at 21-29-08 22:43
@Nikse :
OK, thank you for your answer.

In the meantime, is it not possible to release a modified version of Subtitle Edit 3.6.2 stable version with the correction of this bug ?

by at 21-30-08 03:40
@Dom: Latest beta should be ok.

by at 21-30-08 08:02
@Dom: You could also open the file "fr-FR.xml" with notepad and change "fr-BE" to "fr-FR", which should fix loading the French translation.

by Dom at 21-30-08 11:35
@Nikse :
Do you mean change the title of the file "fr-FR.xml" to "fr-BE.xml" ?

by at 21-30-08 17:19
@Dom: Edit the xml file "fr-FR.xml"and change the value of the xml tag "CultureName" from "fr-BE" to "fr-FR" (changing the file name from "fr-FR.xml" to "fr-BE.xml" will probably also work).

by Dom at 21-30-08 23:15
@Nikse :
Thank you, it works.

by Dennis Miskic at 21-09-09 12:58
Is this compatible with macOS as well?

by at 21-09-09 16:08
@Dennis Miskic: Sorry, this is a Windows program. Can also run somewhat on Linux.

by David Mbugua at 21-13-09 01:10
You're welcome, Nikolaj.

It would be awesome if when working with Right to Left Languages (Arabic, Hebrew, etc) and one opts to use ASS subtitles that the Right to Left formatting is maintained.

I noticed that this is not the case and it would be a highly welcome addition especially when one wants to burn RTL subtitles with a background.

Thank you so much.

by Charvelx04 at 21-23-09 23:21
I have an MKV file I'm trying to extract a sub from. Sub is in .ass format, I open the file.. it reads the file, then crashes back to the desktop.
Let me know if you wish to view the file for reference.

by at 21-24-09 07:58
@Charvelx04: The file would be nice, thx :)

by Charvelx04 at 21-24-09 22:05
Sending file to you, from this email address:
morpheous416 (@) yahoo

Zipped as STLDS2E6

by at 21-25-09 10:01
@Charvelx04: It seems to work fine for me in latest beta. Do you still get the crash?

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