Subtitle Edit 3.6.1

Subtitle Edit 3.6.1 is out now.

You can now have your favorite subtitle formats in the top of the subtitle format combo box.
Some improvements for Advanced Sub Station Alpha.
And the usual minor improvements and fixes.

Happy summer :)

by admas at 21-20-05 12:02
Hi Nikse,

I updated the Polish language file to version v3.6.1 (with recent changes).

by at 21-20-05 12:11
@admas: thx :)
Updated on GitHub
Notice this fix.

by Tamara at 21-21-05 11:20
Thank you for bringing back the ability to translate without a google license.
It is strange that there is no Russian language in DeepL.
I would like to be able to import subtitles from YouTube via clipboard

by ausencia at 21-29-05 03:56
I always appreciate.
I use ver. 3.6.0 & 3.6.1, and got a problem on 'ass' sub format as below,
Problem about ScaleX, ScaleY in 'ass' style

Even though ScaleX and ScaleY of 'ass' style are modified,
whenever I access 'ass alpha styles',
each modified ScaleX and ScaleY value will goes back to its default value "100" By force.

[BEFORE : ScaleX", ScaleY modified]

Format: Name, Fontname, Fontsize, PrimaryColour, ........ , "ScaleX", "ScaleY", Spacing, Angle, BorderStyle, Outline, Shadow, ......
Style: Default,hy견명조,56,&H00FFFF00,..........."92","100",0,0,1,3,0,...........
Style: Defau2,hy견명조,56,&H00FFFF00,..........."92","100",0,0,1,3,0,...........

[AFTER : access 'ass alpha styles']

Style: Default,hy견명조,56,&H00FFFF00,..........."100","100",0,0,1,3,0,...........
Style: Defau2,hy견명조,56,&H00FFFF00,..........."100","100",0,0,1,3,0,...........

Plz save me, thx~

by at 21-30-05 12:16
@Tamara: You can probably use F2 to switch to source view, paste text, press F2 to get back to list view again.

OK, I don't use "ScaleX" and "ScaleY" but I've tried to add it here:
How does that work?

by ausencia at 21-30-05 14:22

Thx for your help.
ver. 3.6.1 Beta has been resolved my problem.
The ScaleX and ScaleY values have been preserved as modified values

Have a good day~

by at 21-31-05 07:12
@ausencia: thx for verifying - and have a nice day too :)

by techguru at 21-02-06 21:35
can we do something about full screen OCR subs....
maybe SE could recognize that theres a BIG gap beween the lower subs and the top subs...and split them into separate lines...with positioning...

by at 21-24-06 23:37
How to make the transfer not happened when you combine the lines?

by Akam at 21-06-07 20:36
hi... thx for the best subtitle editor ever. i just have a problem and i need your help. i was working with the app and suddenly the power went out. when it came back, i opened subtitle edit and all customisations were back to default. i fixed that but before this i used to double click on a line in textbox and it would select 1 entire line. but now i try to select a line in text box and it just selects 1 word. pls help me fix this pls. thank you very much again.

by raz at 21-07-07 13:41
I confused how can I download and install it for Mac.
I tried different ways and videos but I could not.
Is there any videos to teach how can download and install it from scratch?

by Mike at 21-20-07 06:47

On previous versions of Subtitle Edit, when I would open a video or open a previous subtitle project it wouldn't play the video unless I pressed the play button on the player. Now it is playing automatically as soon as it opens. I find this annoying because many times it will start playing in the middle of the video where it is loud. I see no where in the options where autoplay can be turned off.

Is there an option I am missing to turn autoplay off? If not can this be added in the "settings" menu so I and others can turn it off and the ones that prefer that there be an autoplay can choose to have it on?


by SheZhang at 21-30-07 16:55
Thx for your help.
hi. thx for the best subtitle editor ev
Now I have a problem that confused me for a long time, that is subtitle edit can't find where to export bilingual subtitles, I don't know if I want to add this feature in the next version.
If there is a chance to add the translation dictionary, the efficiency will be a quantum leap!

by José at 21-04-08 03:28
Is it possible to add the buttons that "Fix common errors" have in the "Netflix quality check"? I mean, "Select all", "Invert selection", and "Select default"

by kurt at 21-05-08 14:15
how can i solve this?
Could not load file or assembly 'System.Xml, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089' or one of its dependencies.The system cannot find the file specified.

by siamak at 21-23-08 09:10
I want to inform you that Windows 10 Virus protection software consider SubtitleEdit beta version
as a virus
Thank you very much

by at 21-23-08 09:29
@José: "Select all" and "Invert selection" buttons will be included in next update.

@kurt: Re-install dot net framework.

@siamak: Once in a while SE will flag anti-virus providers which is very annoying... Please contact your anti-virus provider and report a possible false positive - and the virus alarm should go away after a week or two.

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