Subtitle Edit 3.6.1

Subtitle Edit 3.6.1 is out now.

You can now have your favorite subtitle formats in the top of the subtitle format combo box.
Some improvements for Advanced Sub Station Alpha.
And the usual minor improvements and fixes.

Happy summer :)

by admas at 21-20-05 12:02
Hi Nikse,

I updated the Polish language file to version v3.6.1 (with recent changes).

by at 21-20-05 12:11
@admas: thx :)
Updated on GitHub
Notice this fix.

by Tamara at 21-21-05 11:20
Thank you for bringing back the ability to translate without a google license.
It is strange that there is no Russian language in DeepL.
I would like to be able to import subtitles from YouTube via clipboard

by ausencia at 21-29-05 03:56
I always appreciate.
I use ver. 3.6.0 & 3.6.1, and got a problem on 'ass' sub format as below,
Problem about ScaleX, ScaleY in 'ass' style

Even though ScaleX and ScaleY of 'ass' style are modified,
whenever I access 'ass alpha styles',
each modified ScaleX and ScaleY value will goes back to its default value "100" By force.

[BEFORE : ScaleX", ScaleY modified]

Format: Name, Fontname, Fontsize, PrimaryColour, ........ , "ScaleX", "ScaleY", Spacing, Angle, BorderStyle, Outline, Shadow, ......
Style: Default,hy견명조,56,&H00FFFF00,..........."92","100",0,0,1,3,0,...........
Style: Defau2,hy견명조,56,&H00FFFF00,..........."92","100",0,0,1,3,0,...........

[AFTER : access 'ass alpha styles']

Style: Default,hy견명조,56,&H00FFFF00,..........."100","100",0,0,1,3,0,...........
Style: Defau2,hy견명조,56,&H00FFFF00,..........."100","100",0,0,1,3,0,...........

Plz save me, thx~

by at 21-30-05 12:16
@Tamara: You can probably use F2 to switch to source view, paste text, press F2 to get back to list view again.

OK, I don't use "ScaleX" and "ScaleY" but I've tried to add it here:
How does that work?

by ausencia at 21-30-05 14:22

Thx for your help.
ver. 3.6.1 Beta has been resolved my problem.
The ScaleX and ScaleY values have been preserved as modified values

Have a good day~

by at 21-31-05 07:12
@ausencia: thx for verifying - and have a nice day too :)

by techguru at 21-02-06 21:35
can we do something about full screen OCR subs....
maybe SE could recognize that theres a BIG gap beween the lower subs and the top subs...and split them into separate lines...with positioning...

by Jose Torres 8 hours ago
Is it possible to add an option to count spaces as half a character? Right now there's the option to NOT include spaces in CPS, but would it be possible to add an option to count them as 0.5? Thanks!

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