Subtitle Edit 3.6.0

Subtitle Edit 3.6.0 has landed.

Many new settings regarding appearance, like dark theme, syntax coloring in text box.
The "source view" is now hidden by default which gives a little more space for the list view. It's possible to toggle between "source view" and "list view" by "F2" (or context menu).
New SE icon by Leon Cheung <3

Also check the new bd .sup file editor.

Important note: This version of SE uses .NET framework 4.7.2 (or 4.8), which means that WinXP and Vista are no longer supported.

Enjoy :)

by admas at 21-20-02 08:51
Hi Nikse,

I updated the Polish language file to version v3.6.0 (with recent changes and additional lines).

by at 21-20-02 09:24
@admas: thx for the update :)

by haedae at 21-26-02 00:46
Hi Nikse,

When exporting subtitles to Blu-ray sup, the font name and font size tags are applied only when the italic tag is applied.

Is it possible to apply the font name and font size tag without the italic tag applied?

by ausencia at 21-28-02 01:56
I'm making ass type subtitle through this tool and, after updated to 3.6.0, a problem has happened.

The ver. 3.6.0 has no source code tap (or window), so I can't modify codes in cfg style, like 'ScaleX', 'ScaleY', 'Spacing' etc because there are no those tag options in 'advanced sub station alpha style'

Perhaps the solution is development of 'advanced sub station alpha style' or restoration of 'source code tap (or window)'.

Thank you for reading!

by Janusz at 21-28-02 20:47
Source view is now hidden (more space), use F2 to toggle view.

by AWinters at 21-28-02 21:04
Thank you for the update, I still use this almost daily.
Something seems to have gone wrong about an hour ago. The subtitles on the video preview have vanished and I can't find a way to get them back. I tried re-downloading the MPV preview, which made the subs momentarily flash up on the preview then they promptly disappeared again. I then closed and reopened and they're still not back. If I slipped on a button, I don't know which one, any ideas, please?

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