Subtitle Edit 3.5.18

SE 3.5.18 is fresh out of the oven!

News: "waveform multi-audio-track support", "import/export of shortcuts" and a "measurement converter".

Fixes: Image export with font tag, and some cmd-line/batch-convert issues.

See the change log for more info.

Enjoy :)

by Janusz at 20-09-11 21:20
Hello. Congratulations on the new version 3.5.18.
1. In connection with the new "Video - Open second subtitle" functionality, I have a question: Is there any other option to disable second subtitles when using the mpv video engine, as only to re-select [Options / Settings / Video player mpv: mpv handles preview text].
After adding the second subtitles, this option is turned off permanently and to return to my settings I have to select it again.

2. In VLC media player, adding second subtitles for VLC (version 3.0.6) does not work for me. After adding the second subtitles, the movie playback is paused and the subtitles themselves continue to scroll, but in a random order and not completely. After a short while, playback stops and the display window turns black. Playback can be restarted, but the display window no longer shows the picture and the subtitles. After a while, playback stops by itself.

Edit 1: The described problem concerns the ts stream.
I also checked a few mkv, mp4, avi - video files and the other subtitles play correctly.

Edit 2 (11/11/2020)
I made a few more attempts directly in VLC media player and it turns out that VLC media player has a problem with adding subtitles if we chose ts stream as the video file.
I'm sorry I didn't do this sooner and this caused unnecessary confusion.

by THS at 20-11-11 21:11
Subtitle Edit gets better and better each time a new version is released.

I have a question: When I am navigating through the subtitles with keyboard shortcuts (i.e. Shift+Return to go to the next subtitle—and I have also set Shift+Up to go back to the previous one), the cursor is always placed at the beginning of the subtitle. Is there a way I can have the cursor at the end instead?

Thank you.

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