Subtitle Edit 3.5.14

Subtitle Edit 3.5.14 is now available.

This version introduces dialog styles and UTF-8 without BOM encoding.
Check the rest of the nice improvements and fixes in the change log.

The old default encoding UTF-8 is now called UTF-8 with BOM.

Note: Drag'n'drop of .mkv files does not work in SE 3.5.14 - use File -> Open instead.

by Viktor MBB at 20-09-03 12:07
I want to extract the SDH.
It is possible to add such an option.
For example, in the menu "ctrl + shift + H" add reverse: do not delete SDH, but just leave SDH.

Я желаю извлечь SDH.
Есть возможность добавить такую опцию.
Например, в меню "ctrl+shift+H" добавить реверс: не удалять SDH, а только оставить SDH.

by at 20-09-03 15:56
@Viktor: sorry, SE cannot do this. You can do this somewhat via Edit -> Modify selection or Edit -> Multiple replace.

by at 20-10-03 19:36
The old default encoding UTF-8 is now called UTF-8 with BOM.

by ATuran at 20-15-03 13:01
Could not extract subtitle from MKV file with v3.5.14: It processed the file, continuously updating the percent extracted on the status bar, but the result came out empty. Reinstalled v3.5.13, and it worked with the same file..

by at 20-15-03 13:03
@ATuran: Did you use drag-n-drop of the .mkv file?
Try using File -> Open... instead of drag-n-drop.

by ATuran at 20-15-03 13:10
It worked with "File -] Open".
By the way; I realized that you already made a comment about it. Sorry for wasting your time :(

by at 20-15-03 13:17
@ATuran: No problem, and thx for verifying.

by ATuran at 20-15-03 14:23
Drag-n-drop works if there are more than one subtitle and one is chosen via the dialog :)

by Peter at 20-22-03 17:02
Version 3.5.14. on Windows 19
It seems like it saves all changes, all the time.
I don't get the * in the filename part, indicating that it is not saved yet.
It's a bit annoying when opening an original file "Open original text" in translation mode. And all changes are instantly saved, messing up the original file.

by p1nky at 20-24-03 06:15
Version 3.5.14 always crash when trying to extract audio from x265 movies. Please help. Thanks.

by at 20-25-03 07:50
@Peter: Turn off "Auto save"... or turn off "Allow edit of original translation"

@p1nky: Try generating the waveform with ffmpeg - see Options - Settings - Waveform... (you might also have an old version of VLC - a clean SE install might also help)

by cici at 20-02-04 05:39
If the file is exported with “hh:mm:ss,zzz” format,when opening the file,the row with one word will not display.

by at 20-02-04 06:56
@cici: Could you paste example lines, email or upload a sample?

by Claudio at 20-02-04 15:34
Hi, is it possible to move focus from text box to View list with a command and vice versa? For example, use the Shif+Tab command

by Claudio at 20-06-04 15:04
Hi, Nikse, maybe I made a mistake writing in this blog.
Could you please tell me where I can write to solve the question ?

Thank you.

by at 20-06-04 15:10
@Claudio: Sure, you can use normal "tab" or "shift-tab" - or use the custom shortcuts:

Note: Setting focus does not work on Linux.

by Claudio at 20-06-04 15:35
Hi, thanks. To go directly from list view to text box, it's not possible. When I use this command (Shift+Tab) SE selected other option before to go in text box and vice versa.

by at 20-06-04 15:47
@Claudio: Tab moves to the next control and shift+tab move to the previous control - that's how it's supposed to work.

You can setup a shortcut for "Toggle focus between list view and subtitle text box" :)

by Claudio at 20-06-04 15:53
I understand, but I need to go directly from the list view to the text box, and viceversa, but without move to the next control.
Because in that way SE selected other options before to go in text box and vice versa.
There is a way to evoid to move five-six time before to go to the text box
and viceversa?

by 23 hours ago
Yes, you can setup a shortcut for "Toggle focus between list view and subtitle text box".

Go to Options - Settings - Shortcuts

by Claudio 23 hours ago
Yes, I know this shortcut. I tried it the last week, but it doesn't work,
it continuos to select other options before to go to the text box.
Do you have any suggest for this problem?

by 8 hours ago
@Claudio: The shortcut "Toggle focus between list view and subtitle text box" works fine here... (I just tested with Ctrl+F1).

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