Subtitle Edit 3.5.13

Go get SE 3.5.13 which is a minor update, released early due to issues with frame based formats..

by Rudy at 20-23-01 05:50
Hi Mr. Olsson.

Would it be possible to raise the limit of "Min. duration, milliseconds" option ("Tools" --] "Apply duration limits...")?
E.g.: from 2000 to 3000/3500 milliseconds (for my old parents).


Best regards.

by Alex Asp at 20-27-01 13:19
Hi Mr. Olsson.

Is there a way to bring back an option to export subtitles for Sonic Scenarist SD (script + bitmaps). I remember a long time ago that option was available, but in recent updates I can't find it anymore. Sometimes one needs a legacy export format and Scenarist's is a fundamental format for SD in my opinion.

by Olof Andersson at 20-15-02 10:48
Hi. Thanks for a great software!
Not sure where to post a feature suggestions/requests, but here's one from me:
I have a tiny (i hope) feature suggestions, that would help my subtitling work a bit:
Today there is a command called: "Play from just before text".
I would find it useful with a similar command, but instead "Play from start of text". I.e. the same functionality, but start just where the subtitle starts, instead of just before it.
I understand if you don't want to bloat the software with all kinds of commands, but at least for me, this would be a nice addition :)

by Olof Andersson at 20-15-02 14:23
Actually this functionality kind of exists already by pressing enter and then play, so maybe not that important. But I have another feature request: When proof-checking a video, I often play though some subtitles until I find something that needs fixing. Then I pause the video, and now want to edit the corresponding text, so I need to activate subtitle of the current video time. Currently I achieve this by executing the command called "Go to previous subtitle (from video position)" after stopping the video. And it works OK, but it would be nice if it was possible to configure so that whenever stopping the video, the corresponding (or nearest previous) subtitle gets selected in List View.
best regards

by techguru at 20-17-02 03:35
a nice feature for a future version would be integrated video playback engine like ffdshow or libav
and hopefully one day....hard sub OCRing

by moob at 20-01-03 17:54
update pt-PT language until git-b263b22


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