Subtitle Edit 3.5.10

Subtitle Edit 3.5.10 is now available.

The change log contains many nice improvements and minor fixes.
Profiles for different settings are introduced.

Thx for all the feedback and help!
Enjoy :)

sobre os atalhos... como ficam agora em especial para inserir linhas?

by at 19-21-08 08:30
Insert shortcuts are:

by Leonardo at 19-22-08 12:25
Tesseract 4.1.0 NOT download

by at 19-22-08 12:41
@Leonardo: Hm, it works fine here...
You can try to download the gz file manually and unpack to a folder called "Tesseract410"... in this location for the installer version: %appdata%\Subtitle Edit\Tesseract410

by at 19-22-08 15:33
@Leonardo: What OS and .net framework version are you using?

by Leonardo at 19-22-08 15:35
Thanks, perfect!!! I downloaded the compressed file you said and the content I placed it (I have Windows 7) in C:\Users _Leo _AppData _Roaming _Subtitle Edit
and now it's perfect!!!!! I take this opportunity to congratulate you on the program, it is the best for subtitles, I always recommend it to everyone. Thank you, Bye from Italy. :)

by Leonardo at 19-22-08 15:54
Windows 7 and Microsoft.NET.Framework 4.8.03761 (installed 14/08/2019) and Microsoft.NET.Framework 4.8.03761 (italiano) (installed 15/08/2019)
Thanks! Ciao :)

by at 19-26-08 07:54
The download of Tesseract 4 should work better in latest beta:

Also, if you have problems with "Batch convert", also do try the above beta.

by Vic at 19-27-08 03:02
When I convert an .srt file to .ass the program renames the file but it truncates part of it:

orig =
.ass = Running.Man.E464.190818.ass

it is minor but I conert a LOT of filenames with similar naming convention.

Sbtutle Edit is still the best subtitler editor! Been using it for years! Thanks!

by techguru at 19-28-08 08:05
how about adding hardsub ocr to subtitle edit for version 3.6

by Awien at 19-30-08 10:39
When I try to convert Chinese TRD sub to PAC, then tried to open in other software like Poliscript, some text becomes unrecognizable. Which step did I miss? Can you help?

by Lucas at 19-03-09 23:59
I'm trying to change subs alignment but it doesn't work well, it only aligns left, center or right, but always bottom, never middle or top. Is there something I should do? Thank you!

by Chloros at 19-04-09 08:47
On Linux Ubuntu, I'm having trouble with F10 when creating new subtitles. For some reason F10 (‘Play from just before text’) moves the audio cursor to the centre of the displayed audio timeline when zoomed at 250% (somewhere else with other zoom values) instead of 0.5s before the start of the subtitle.

by Arjan at 19-06-09 11:45
OCR not working.
Send you emails.

by Arjan at 19-08-09 11:55
Set Tesseract from version 4.1.0. to 3.0.2
And now OCR in Subtitle Edit 3.5.10 works.
So it's safe to say that Subtitle Edit 3.5.10 doesn't work with Tesseract 4.1.0. in OCR.
Have send you a email

by Arjan at 19-10-09 14:08
First of all: My sincere apologies Nicolaj.
The problem was "leftovers" from version 3.5.2
De-installed everything and removed all that remaind by hand (also from version 3.5.9).
Re-installed version 3.5.10 downloaded necessary files and it worked flawless.
Shame on me that I made such a beginners mistake.
Give you my best regards,


by at 19-10-09 15:55
@Arjan: np, I'm glad it works now :)

@Lucas: Try "mpv" player (Options - Settings - Video player) to get better position preview in the video player.

by GD314 at 19-10-09 22:13
Where is gone menu to switch video language?

by at 19-11-09 07:23
@GD314: it should be possible to change audio track in the Video menu.

by Neuron at 19-12-09 20:09
You should really, REALLY make an option to export the finished product (Video with subtitles implemented) on the online version.

by admas at 19-14-09 07:53
Hello, nikse
Subtitles in MPL2, MicroDVD formats (with the extension .txt) are read incorrectly. Subtitles are not recognized (and were previously) and duration and formatting tags are not read correctly.

by at 19-14-09 21:40
@admas: Could you email me or link to some subtitles with this problem?

by admas at 19-15-09 10:23

by at 19-15-09 11:25
@admas: thx for the files :)
Beta updated:

by admas at 19-15-09 11:36
@nikse: Thanks, it works fine :-)

by Peter 21 hours ago
Thanks for a wonderful program.
I have one question though, when I choose "convert to UTF-8" it is saved as "utf-8-BOM".
Even Microsoft has noticed that they shouldn't use utf8-bom in powershell version 6+.
Is it possible to add "UTF8-BOM" as a format and have "UTF-8" as a clean UTF-8 so you can choose what format to use?

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