Subtitle Edit 3.5.9

Subtitle Edit 3.5.9 is out now.

Change log:

  • New: Bookmarks - thx OmrSi/marb99
  • New: Auto save option
  • New: Spell check - keep "Use always" replace list option
  • New: Image export - option to have single lines top justified - thx joedmartin
  • New: Add shortcut: Modify selection
  • New: Add format "OGM chapters" - thx Franc
  • New: Add format "sptx" (read) - thx Peter
  • New: Add Norwegian name list - thx SvenErik
  • Improved: Update Hungarian translation - thx Zityi
  • Improved: Update Korean translation - thx domddol
  • Improved: Update Portuguese translation - thx moob
  • Improved: Update French translation - thx JM GBT
  • Improved: Update Polish translation - thx admas
  • Improved: Update a few wrong translations (Spanish) - thx Ovidio
  • Improved: Create/adjust/translate shortcuts now global - thx OmrSi/uckthis
  • Improved: Auto break adheres to "Max number of lines" setting
  • Improved: Translate selected lines for MS translator + plugins
  • Improved: Make "select current sub while playing" smoother in waveform
  • Improved: Support .rtf files in "Import plain text" - thx Tilen
  • Improved: Improve Binary OCR of comma / apostrophe - thx Tuukka
  • Improved: Improve quote/italic detection in binary OCR - thx Miggu
  • Improved: Add context menu to OCR spell check
  • Improved: Improve DVD Studio Pro tag reading - thx Shas2509
  • Improved: "Toggle music tags" uses "music symbol" from tool settings
  • Improved: Improve language auto-detect - thx Xy
  • Improved: Improve parsing of badly formatted srt files - thx Darnn
  • Improved: Update names list - thx ivandrofly
  • Improved: Binary OCR auto detect best DB - thx Mr. Rage
  • Fixed: Missing/bad html tags after "Auto br" - thx iromafia111
  • Fixed: Crash in OCR window when closing - thx spetragl
  • Fixed: OCR in batch convert - thx danstraughn
  • Fixed: Crash parsing empty word in OCR via Tesseract - thx Barry
  • Fixed: Reading ttml 2016-10 draft with "dur" tags - thx bbpqman
  • Fixed: Underline with "Reverse start/end" - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Possible crash in load of settings - thx eugenesvk
  • Fixed: Improve eng_OCRFixReplaceList.xml - thx Ding-adong
  • Fixed: Minor tag issue in vtt - thx Arjan
  • Fixed: Minor issues regarding pasting in list view - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: A few minor issues in "Fix common errors" - thx darnn
  • Fixed: Bug in "Multiple replace" with delete empty lines - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Bug regarding VTT position - thx devilcoelhodog
  • Fixed: Crash in "Remove text for HI" - thx Rouzax
  • Fixed: Wrong label in "frame mode" (ms -> frames) - thx Dominik
  • Fixed: Some missing translations - thx Jamakmake

by tech at 19-13-02 09:55
could you add this to subtitle edit

by tech at 19-13-02 09:55
as a second option for ocr....hopefully hardsubbed ocr to

by George at 19-14-02 12:58
A common operation I perform is loading a file with a .ass format and converting it to .srt from the format drop-down. Usually when clicking the save button, in the dialog box the filename would be automatically appended with .srt. Now in v3.5.9 it's appended with .ass, though the "save as type" IS when the file is saved, you end up with This can of course be averted by just deleting the .ass from the end of the name. It's a minor bug but it would be great if you could squash it! Thanks for the wonderful software.

by Marek at 19-14-02 23:04
Subtitle Edit is the best subtitle editing program in the world. Thank you for working on him !
There is still a error with deleting the line break during the automatic translation (Google). Example:
Dialogue before translation:

- Line 1.
- Line 2.

After translation:

- Line 1. - Line 2.

It all depends on the settings in the option "Unbreak subtitles shorter than ..." If a long line is set, dialogue splits are removed
during the translation. It does a translator. The translation should only translate the text. The format of the translated text should be identical to the original (1:1) and should have nothing to do with the program settings.

Please, look at it, ask me if you need.

by XPsp4 at 19-15-02 14:55
Are you dropping support for XP users?

by Maximo at 19-15-02 18:07
First, the program is great.

Could i suggest a feature:

Translated assisted synchronization.

You have two subtitles, the original, and the translated with different sync, gaps, etc. Auto translate the original, then use Levenshtein distance to auto-match the translated one with the machine translated, but synced. Leaving in red, the ones not matched by a threshold, so the user could correct them.

by at 19-16-02 10:15
@tech: SE already have 3 ocr methods - a paid google version will have few users I think (probably based on Tessseract too).

@George: I don't have problems with extentions here... could you provide specific steps so I can re-create it?

@Marek: I cannot re-create your results with translation.

@XPsp4: I hope SE still works fine on WinXP. Some issues with connecting to web-sites not supporting older TLS versions will probably occur.
SE is still compiled with .net framework 4 which should run on WinXP (if that's not the case then SE should use a newer framework version).

by tech one hour ago
who the hell is still using xp at this time.....if your pc is that should be using a light weight linux distro

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