Subtitle Edit 3.5.8

Subtitle Edit 3.5.8 released.

  • New: Add new subtitle formats
  • New: Add some image pre-processing for OCR
  • New: Add "DVD Studio Pro" file properties - thx Daniel
  • New: Add ebu stl boxing - thx Milenko
  • New: Add "Fix RTL" to batch convert - thx OmrSi/MosDos96/ghost
  • New: Add new shortcuts (mostly related to alignment)
  • Improved: Update Bulgarian translation - thx KalinM
  • Improved: Update Finnish translation - thx Teijo S
  • Improved: Update Korean translation - thx domddol
  • Improved: Update Catalan translation - thx Juansa
  • Improved: Update Hungarian translation - thx Zityi
  • Improved: Update Chinese translation - thx tinyboxvk
  • Improved: Update Portuguese translation - thx moob
  • Improved: Update Brazil translation - thx Igor
  • Improved: Updated Russian translation - thx Elheym
  • Improved: Improve plain text import - thx uckthis/darnn/Leon
  • Improved: Make custom "Choose font" dialog - thx OmrSi
  • Improved: Update Bing translator from V2 to V3 API
  • Improved: Faster Tesseract OCR if CPU has many cores
  • Improved: Try using word lists for uppercase "i" inside words - thx TeDDy
  • Improved: Improve unknown json importer - thx Thamy
  • Improved: Improve paste in list view - thx OmrSi/darnn
  • Improved: Add "Fix RTL" to batch convert - thx OmrSi/MosDos96/ghost
  • Improved: Add support Google Cloud API key
  • Improved: Allow translate selected lines in translate mode
  • Improved: Don't count "new line" for total chars in Statistics - thx Andy
  • Improved: Update Netflix allowed glyphs - thx Justin
  • Fixed: Go back to Tesseract 3.02 (T4 available as in-program download)
  • Fixed: Fix Bing translator sign-up url - thx sopor
  • Fixed: Fix common OCR errors "L" vs "I" issue - thx Araynilmar/Zolt├ín
  • Fixed: Fix for loading video file after openening .mks file
  • Fixed: Fix crash in "Point sync" - thx Kari
  • Fixed: Fix crash in export of compare result - thx billysamk
  • Fixed: Fix line length issue in Netflix QC with italics - thx billysamk
  • Fixed: Fix missing titles from PGS inside MKV - thx ManChicken1911
  • Fixed: Fix opening empty 890 file - thx Janica
  • Fixed: Fix auto-select text in undocked mode - thx Ingo
  • Fixed: Fix Toggle dialog dashes with ASS tags - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Fix "Set end, next start + go to next" w org sub - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Fix crash in Remove text for HI" - thx indeed-a-genius
  • Fixed: Fix "total seconds" in "Export custom format" - thx David
  • Fixed: Fix mpv crash/hang after open 4+ videos
  • Fixed: Add custom fade up/down for DCinema smpte - thx felagund
  • Fixed: Fix reading last line with zero duration - thx darnn
  • Fixed: Fix for column paste - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Fix adding music symbols with tags
  • Fixed: Fix syntax coloring in "Fix common errors" - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Fix somtimes not updating total line length - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Fix text/image overlap in manual image to text OCR - thx amichaeltm
  • Fixed: Do not ignore words of combined letters/numbers - thx Boulder08
  • Fixed: Trying to fix mpv missing text refresh - thx darnn
  • Fixed: Fix crash in "add better multi match" - thx Boulder08
  • Fixed: Remove empty pics when importing mkv/vobsub - thx Roy
  • Fixed: Don't lose coloring after delete line in OCR - thx BxMxK
  • Fixed: Fix adjust via end position w original subtitle - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Fix toggle dialog dashes with font tags
  • Fixed: Fix freeze in spell check change all - thx Edwin
  • Fixed: Fix extra space when using "Toggle play/pause" - thx Luiz
  • Fixed: Fix "Go to next error" for last line - thx Leon/OmrSi
  • Fixed: Fix crash in "Typewriter effect" - thx tharindu
  • Fixed: Avoid leaving files in temp folder - thx borifax

by Ashok Konga at 18-24-12 06:28
How to select all style1 in 1 click

by at 18-24-12 23:52
Sorry, no one-click solution - but you can try Edit -> Modify selection -> Style - and select the styles you want... latest beta has "Modify selection" as a custom shortcut.

by GoodHeart at 18-25-12 16:09
Are the Tesseract OCR issues from 3.5.7 fixed in 3.5.8?

Merry XMas

by Dwi at 18-26-12 11:52
Auto-translate not work.

by at 18-27-12 14:56
@GoodHeart: Tesseract 4.0 was included in SE 3.5.7 which gave tons of problems... Tesseract 3.02 is back in SE 3.5.8. Read more here:
SE 3.5.8 seems to crash for some in OCR, so you could try latest beta.

@Dwi: Read

by Sami at 18-27-12 22:56
in "fix common errors" ...
"break long lines" isn't working anymore...

by at 18-28-12 05:43
@Sami: It works fine here... perhaps you're looking for Tools -> Split long lines... ?

by Marek at 18-29-12 17:42
Hi !

When translated by google translator, SE removes line breaking tags. Where can you change it ?

by perelli at 18-31-12 11:47

The new Google translate section (Options/Settings/Tools) is missing from the language files. THX!
Kepp up th good work!

by Nick Tandane at 19-01-01 20:27
Hi i want to know which API i have to choose the Neural translation or Phrase-based translation?

by iromafia111 at 19-03-01 11:59
I found a bug in ver. 3.5.8. After breaking line in two rows the first letter of word selected as "italic" stays normal and the rest of that word is "italic". See pictures at

by at 19-03-01 15:53
@Marek: SE tries to merge continuous lines before translate and then re-merge after - what's the exact problem?

@perelli: In what language? It's probably the language file that need updating...

@iromafia111: Thx - that's a bad bug! Should be fixed in latest beta.

by sabko at 19-03-01 20:17
Hi... Is that fixed too in beta (didn't tried yet):

By splitting italic line, the left part of italic tag ("i" inside "<>") remains in the first one, and the right in other one ("/i" inside "<>"), instead of making tags for each line.

by perelli at 19-03-01 20:22
@nikse in all language. In the original EN and DK too.

by at 19-03-01 20:55
@sabko: Please test the beta - and do report the text that fails, thx.

@perelli: thx - beta updated.

by sabko.bds at 19-03-01 21:46
It works in beta. Tnx.

by Xy at 19-04-01 19:37

I have a small thing to report in latest beta, as in other previous versions: when splitting a line, program adds 1ms to the min. display time between subtitles.

by Luiz Carlos Querido at 19-05-01 09:40
The better subtitle editor program. Congratulations to all developers.

by sabko at 19-05-01 15:39
Yep, the extra 1 ms is there by dragging on the waveform too.
I resolve it later via "Bridge gap tool", but it will be good to make possible stop it at my default minimum gap by editing (spares time, and is better by managing cps).

Another thing: It is not possible to use "auto break" and "unbreak" shortcuts if not clicked inside editing box. A lot of unnecessary mouse clicks. For example, if you select line at main form, you cannot use it like you can make line italic, bold, etc.

One more thing: Is there any possibility to let us chose the way "auto break" works?
I'd like to have it broken symmetrically as possible (as it is now, it is possible to have break at 40/10 characters, for example, I'd like to have it at nearest to 25/25 as possible).
Some people like to break it at sentences.
Some at dialog hyphen, if there are any.

Thanks for great work.

by moob at 19-05-01 18:16

update pt-PT language until git-747f396


by techguru at 19-06-01 11:10
heres a feature SE should have
ability to fix subtitle lines letter casing when a character is stuttering and the translator forgets to capitalize the first letter

"W-what do I do"
the "what" should have a capital letter...also they can sometimes add more then 1 stutter..."W-w-what do I do"

also can we please get hard sub OCRing..
video sub finder ( is about the only current way to do it..and its pretty outdated

by stern20 at 19-14-01 16:12
ich war auch immer noch Problem , wann kommt richtig Software Sublites Edit 3.5.8

by stern20 at 19-14-01 16:49
Beta 3 mal war klappt dann error

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