Subtitle Edit 3.5.7

SE 3.5.7 is out now.

Change log:

  • New: New subtitle formats
  • New: Font can be different for subtitle list view / text box
  • New: Indonesian translation - thx Nicedward
  • New: Support for mp4 dash ttml - thx Octirius
  • New: Shortcut for toggle music symbols - thx robtor
  • New: Shortcuts "Batch convert" + "waveform split"
  • New: Shortcuts for bilingual line merge/split
  • New: "Shift+F3" shortcut for backward search - thx OmrSi/Leon
  • New: New setting: volume boost
  • New: New setting: "save as..." take file name from
  • New: Download of ffmpeg
  • Improved: Update Brazilian translation - thx Igor
  • Improved: Update Czech translation - thx Trottel
  • Improved: Update Hungarian translation - thx ZityiSoft Team
  • Improved: Update Turkish translation - thx Falcon006
  • Improved: Update Finnish translation - thx Teijo S
  • Improved: Update Bulgarian translation - thx KalinM
  • Improved: Update Chinese translation - thx Leon
  • Improved: Update Romanian translation - thx Mircea
  • Improved: Update Basque translation - thx Xabier
  • Improved: Update Portuguese translation - thx moob
  • Improved: Update Russian translation - thx Elheym
  • Improved: Update Tesseract OCR from 3.02 to 4.0 (beta 3)
  • Improved: Minor improvements for Video -> Generate/import scene changes
  • Improved: Remember OCR spell check dictionary for tesseract - thx raymondjpg
  • Improved: Add some style support to "Modify selection"
  • Improved: Ctrl+a/ctrl+d/ctrl+shift+i works in more lists - thx tormento
  • Improved: Add shortcut for open translator mode - thx OmrSi
  • Improved: Add shortcut "Go to previous sub (from video pos)" - thx OmrSi
  • Improved: Hide cursor in video fullscreen mode/mpv - thx OmrSi
  • Improved: Respect line break for waveform preview text - thx Leon
  • Improved: Add check for frame rate in Netflix quality checker - thx Justin
  • Improved: Add ">" and "<" duration in "Modify selection"
  • Improved: Improve EBU STL properties regarding "language code"
  • Improved: Add "Export" for compare tool - thx Kait
  • Improved: Add "Search" in Options -> Settings -> Shortcuts - thx Leon/OmrSi
  • Improved: Add "Search" in "Open subtitle w manual chosen encoding"
  • Improved: Some improvements of waveform file name - thx OmrSi/Jamakmake
  • Improved: Allow up to 2 mb ebu stl sub files - thx Yusuf
  • Improved: Add "Import as plain text" button for unknown subtitle types
  • Improved: Improve ansi code page detection a bit - thx Xy
  • Improved: Batch convert can now handle mkv pgs/vobsub
  • Fixed: "Add to names list" in OCR spell check - thx daed-alus/Sergiy
  • Fixed: "Generate scene changes" decimal point issue - thx Max
  • Fixed: Issue with "max time" after "split line" - thx Jüri
  • Fixed: "Remove text for HI" issue - thx btsix
  • Fixed: Casing issue regarding "President" - thx Kolle
  • Fixed: Hashtag issue in "Fix common errors"
  • Fixed: Improve Swedish/Finnish language auto-detect - thx Kolle
  • Fixed: Crash in change play rate - thx darnn
  • Fixed: Some issues found by PVS-Studio - thx SvyatoslavRazmyslov
  • Fixed: "Replace all" with single letter - thx amerzone
  • Fixed: Issue with Greek / "Fix missing spaces" - thx amerzone
  • Fixed: Normalize "new-line" from mkv files - thx mkver
  • Fixed: Do not allow navigating before zero in video - thx darnn
  • Fixed: Issue with nested tags in "Remove text for HI" - thx darnn
  • Fixed: Image render issue regarding italic/font - thx Cemal
  • Fixed: Bottom margin in batch image export - thx Cemal
  • Fixed: Possible crash in list view - thx lambdacore12
  • Fixed: For "Remove text for HI" - thx Lynton
  • Fixed: List view focus after video fullscreen - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: File -> Open (Keep Video)... - thx Kolle
  • Fixed: Error when using Regex replace - thx OmrSi/mkver
  • Fixed: List view line focus issue - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Text box size in RTL mode after closing original - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Issue with last line in some .smi files - thx Rex
  • Fixed: "Move start/end 100 ms back/forward" - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: For "Fix (remove dash) lines beginning w dash" - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Changed status for non utf-8 files - thx OmrSi/mkver
  • Fixed: Crash with file containing the word "speakers" - txh darnn
  • Fixed: Batch convert: Remember "remove interjections" - thx MosDos96
  • Fixed: ass/ssa bug in "Remove text for HI" - thx MosDos96
  • Fixed: Bug in "Move 100 ms forw/back" + translation - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Crash in statistics - thx khashayarxy
  • Fixed: Crash with Gap Column - thx Leon
  • Fixed: Issue with "Fix missing spaces" and "?" - thx Boulder08
  • Fixed: Crash in "Remove text for HI" - thx tormento
  • Fixed: Reset video position after new file - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Shortcut "Column, Delete text" - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Character count in EBU STL propertie - thx FVonFaschion
  • Fixed: Style when add subtitle with F9 in create mode - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Typewriter effect with tags - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Copy source to clipboard now adds video offset - thx Ingo
  • Fixed: Duplicate postfix in "translate selected" - thx Jamakmake
  • Fixed: For last line in "Replace all" - thx ryvec
  • Fixed: For setting index for recent file - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Current line issue for "Set end, offset rest" - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Decimal point issue with ASS - thx Thierry
  • Fixed: Info msg after "Multiple replace" - thx OmrSi

by Peter at 18-09-09 06:49
Nothing to comment, just wanted to be the first one.
Thanks for the update.

by tech at 18-14-09 15:22
new feature request
ability to OCR hardsubs from video

by khulcalvin at 18-30-09 13:24
Thanks for the update... Love the latest version as the last one was not working properly with my Windows 10. It made cracking sounds and thought my speakers were torn. This certainly fixed it

by Khan at 18-03-10 05:03
I import text and then set timings. F12 to end and F11 to start, but I have to press F12, move to next subtitle, then press F11 to start the new subtitle. Is it possible that I press a key and it ends the last and sets that for next and move to next? I know about "Set end, add new, and go to new" but that doesn't work with imported text.
Thank you.

by DANIEL MELO at 18-10-10 15:31
First of all, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I´ll make a donation for you excellent work! And I'd like to ask you something. I need to save LOTS of DVD STUDIO PRO (.stl) every day and I need to change the header in all of them. Is it possible to change the header?

I need to change for this one:

$Bold = TRUE
$FontName = Arial
$FontSize = 24

Thanks again.

by TeDDy at 18-10-10 20:55
Thanks for the update...
Hoped this version fixed the fix capital "i" inside words (if i is first letter of the word, to check against names files, specially THE USER NAMES, in the USER LANGUAGE)

by Jose M Lorenzo at 18-14-10 22:44
I've just upgraded and lost the OCR for 4K movies, it was slow to load with the previous version, now it just stall.
Jus for your information

Thanks for a very GOOD tool.

by TeDDy at 18-17-10 08:33
There is a problem with the fix capital "i" inside words (if i is first letter of the word)

SE should check against names files, specially THE USER NAMES, in the USER LANGUAGE)

ATM I think SE check only the english Names file.

The words with capital "i" I add to the names wordlist go to the Romanian file, not to the EN file.

Can SE check names (and words beginning with capital "i") in all available NamesFiles in SE folder?

by BUGGER at 18-17-10 16:29
on windows 10 with multi monitor,
if undock the video control, and video player was not at the primary monitor, the "remember main window position and size" does not work.

Thanks for the great job.

by phuongpham2501 at 18-20-10 01:36
Hi Creator,

First of all, thank you so much for your really hard work.

I have a problem with "Mouse wheel scrolls waveform forward/back" function when I use shortcuts "Go to next/previous line and set vìdeo position" when my mouse pointer is at the waveform, I can't use mouse scroll to move forward/backward on the waveform (both in undock/re-dock setting) next, I didn't notice this until I updated new version, also, my workplace computer doesn't have this kind of problem and it runs on Win 10. I've got this problem on my laptop which runs on Win 7. There is no problem with the waveform mouse scroll when I use shortcut normal "Go to next/previous line".

It doesn't work out on "Set focus mouse enter" either. I temporarily use "Activate a window by hovering over it with the mouse", but it's still inconvenient due to real-time delay and also causes trouble on other program/folder.

Please check. If I got this problem, I had to click on the waveform to activate mouse scroll, it's kinda inconvenient 'cause in the past I didn't have this kind of situation.

Thirdly, my work requires time-out extension about 5-10 frames. I've used One frame forwd/backwd ever since. I've tapped on the key shortcut 5 times. If it doesn't cause any trouble/difficulty for you to add this kind of shortcuts, it's really nice/terrific of you to do so and I'll think of a way to pay you back.

Thank you and my best regards.


by at 18-23-10 08:06
@DANIEL MELO: Should be possible to define default style via File -> DVD Studio properties in latest beta.

@TeDDy: Could you test fix capital "i" inside words in latest beta.

by Rosanna at 18-25-10 17:50
Hi all,

In some cases I need to raise subtitles from bottom on top of the video, but I cannot find how to do it. Could you help, please?

Thanks in advance!


by at 18-25-10 18:25
@Rosanna: You can right-click on one or more lines in the list view, and choose "Alignment...".
(If you want alignment shown in the view preview, you need to use "mpv" as video player - see Options -> Settings -> Video player).

by Anjum at 18-26-10 03:33
Where is do-not-break-after list is saved? I just updated to latest beta and lost the saved words. Please help.

by manos at 18-26-11 19:54
I've been using this great app for lots of years and could not replace with anything else.
I just wanted you to know that the main function I'm using is to convert srt to sup format. Most times using the batch convert option.
I noticed that in the last 2 versions the program ignores the setting of "line height" and converts all subs using the default line height of the selected font.
Of course if I convert just one file (not through batch convert) the program respects my option of line height, although the next time I open the program it still won't remember my last option.
Although I wouldn't call it a serious / critical defect , I would be very obliged if you could "fix" this on your next version.
I would also be happy to test it as a beta

Thank you

by Dac at 18-29-11 04:34
Is the auto translate by google translator broken for anyone else? Mine only displays blanks when translating now.

by mh at 18-29-11 08:52
First let me say thanks for this great application!
Sadly, at the moment i have the same problem as Dac described, the autotranslating only gives blank results. My guess is, that google changed its commandlines. Hope you can fix this soon, thanks!

by Claudio at 18-29-11 11:25
I also have the same problem with traducicon automatica. It goes blank. I hope you solve it as soon as possible since this program is the best there is to translate. Greetings, thank you for your excellent work.

by Alket at 18-29-11 11:50
hello my google translating option stopped working today.
It translates it in blank lines.
What can i do?

by akridree at 18-29-11 13:00
Dear sir

I have the same problem after translation only blanks as result.
I hope that you can fix the problem.
kind regards

by Hugo at 18-29-11 15:25
I would like to report that the subtitle edit application does not translate, it only leaves blank what is translated does not translate
Hope you can fix this soon, thanks!

by canton75 at 18-29-11 16:19
why have i isuses about translate to dutch

by Hako at 18-29-11 16:25
Actually there are a few problems...
1. Translation
2. Audio line doesnt move smooth
3. The subtitles wont show over the video with fonts...

by at 18-29-11 16:43
About the Google Translate read more here:

by at 18-29-11 16:43
@Hako: Try using mpv video player - Go to Options - Settings - Video player

by moob at 18-30-11 01:21
google api key paying only

by Christen at 18-01-12 10:25
My Norwegian dictionary disappeared with latest update - no Norwegian dictionary available for download?

My fix was to copy nor.traineddata from folder "C:\Users\MyMeMine\AppData\Roaming\Subtitle Edit\Tesseract\tessdata" to "C:\Users\MyMeMine\AppData\Roaming\Subtitle Edit\Tesseract4\tessdata".

Not so pretty. Still thanks for yor great app!

What a shame with greedy Google, hopefully some solution will appear

by Bulu Burid at 18-02-12 00:55
For those who find it difficult to translate the "Subtitle Edit" software this link might help :

by Bulu Burid at 18-02-12 12:06
Repost !!
Here the solution..
Just open the link that @niksedk give it here :
And then, please follow my instructions below carefully (already tested on my PC it worked 101%)

- Click tab "Subtitle" then "Open" and browse it and open your subtitle file that you want to translated.
- Leave the tab "Frame rate & Code page" as default itself the click "Load subtitle" - wait it for a moment.
- Now the subtitle you choose is displayed, click on toolbar tab "Auto Translate" and click "Google translate".
- Next you choose what language to be translated. Don't click tab "OK" yet !!
- Before you click "OK", you have to scrolling down slowly the result translated to make sure each time scrolling is displaying the correct translated from top line untill the end line (If you directly click OK, the results will only show a little translation (the top) where the remainder of the next translation must remain in the original).
- After you checking each line/paragraph is already correct translate, just scroll back / sliding untill to the first line then you may click "OK"
- Now you can see yourself the resut.. Or you can scroll it & re-check to make sure it ..
- Next all you have to do is save it (on toolbar, choose "Subtitle - Save/download..." and select what extention you wish to save (default is SRT extention).
- Then click "Save/download" tab. and name it the file as you wish for.
- ------------------------ D O N E ... (^_*)/
.. And sorry for my bad english because I'm from Indonesia & I use G-Translate :p ..

by Mark at 18-03-12 14:06
thanks Bulu Burid but the auto break you have to do it by hand

by Michael at 18-06-12 11:15
Sorry for my dummy question. I can see lots of Unknown format in "Save As" menu. What would I need to do to add another Unknown format specific? Cheers.

by at 18-06-12 11:23
@Michael: Email me a few subs in that format...

by brhurrell at 18-11-12 15:06
Excellent program, and great work from yourself.
Just a quick query, is there any way of changing the auto break rule. I find that sometimes it does not break evenly and I have to do it manually.
I am myself hard of hearing therefore I try not to actually read the subtitles while I'm editing existing subtitles to my satisfaction in order not to spoil the film or tv show when I actually watch it. So any automation is very welcome.
Thank you

by moob at 18-12-12 02:51

update pt-PT language until lastest git-b3354b3


by at 18-12-12 07:58
@moob: thx :)
Updated on Github

by at 18-12-12 07:59
@brhurrell: Could you give some examples?

by admas at 18-12-12 19:55
Update Polish languge

by at 18-13-12 17:26
@admas: thx :)
Updated on Github

by at 18-14-12 16:02
@brhurrell: could you give some examples where the line breaking is not optimal?

by Xy at 18-18-12 11:59

Here are some examples of line breaking issues, compared to old SW:

by at 18-18-12 12:49
@Xy: This site can’t be reached... could you email or upload somewhere else?

by Xy at 18-18-12 13:00
Strange, it works perfectly for me.

Try out the following link:

by Marek at 19-04-02 01:55
Hello. I reported a mistake at the beginning of December (not fixed to today): during the translation, Subtitle Edit automatically and unnecessarily deletes the line breaks (dialogues, broken lines, etc.). Please to be fixed.

by Afauteux at 19-04-11 00:51
Hi all.
When I use subtitle edit to translate the subtitle in English to French the text does not appear when I click translation with google , the coordinates of the subtitle as time code and the position appears but not the text box.

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