Subtitle Edit 3.5.6

Subtitle Edit 3.5.6 is now ready.

Change log:

  • New: Some support for SMPTE time code (drop frame) in video player
  • New: Shortcuts for moving text up/down in current sub - thx Leon
  • New: Shortcut for "Unbreak without space" (for CJK) - thx Leon
  • New: Split by cursor/video pos - thx Leon
  • New: Add support for FCP xml 1.7
  • Improved: Update Bulgarian translation - thx KalinM
  • Improved: Update Hungarian translation - thx ZityiSoft Team
  • Improved: Update Korean translation - thx domddol
  • Improved: Update Turkish translation - thx Falcon006
  • Improved: Update Portuguese translation - thx moob
  • Improved: Waveform insert sub now works not just at end - thx Leon
  • Improved: Allow larger "margin" in SSA/ASSA styles - thx von Suppé
  • Improved: Export to images alignment option "Center, left justify" - thx Shota
  • Improved: Add "only if on separate line" option for "Remove interjections" - thx darnn
  • Improved: Start with uppercase letter after title in "Change casing" - thx 791
  • Improved: Support more formats in "Import time codes from subtitles" - thx Ninelpienel
  • Improved: Add option to ignore formatting in compare - thx mkver
  • Improved: Boost volume for vlc/mpv - thx Mohammad
  • Improved: Import/Export Multiple replace groups
  • Improved: Add more steps to "Play rate" + shortcuts - thx darnn/Leon
  • Fixed: Fix downloading mpv/plugins/tesseract-dictionaries
  • Fixed: Ctrl+p of time code in "Time code control" (regr. from 3.5.5) - thx Mohammed
  • Fixed: Format "TTML draft 2006-10" - thx thehulk
  • Fixed: Issue regarding "Binary image compare OCR ext. matches" - thx SimplyTheBOSS
  • Fixed: Issue regarding "Bridge gaps"/selected line - thx btsix
  • Fixed: New-line char in "Replace -> Replace with" text box - thx Leon
  • Fixed: Missing char "î" for EBU STL - thx Milenko
  • Fixed: Missing color tag for EBU STL - thx Tom
  • Fixed: Null terminated text from mkv - thx taxen/mkver
  • Fixed: Focus after Alt+3/4 (previous/next) - thx Jamakmake
  • Fixed: Possible crash in "Save original as..." - thx darnn
  • Fixed: BDSup issue where DTS was after PTS - thx Anders
  • Fixed: Time codes in DvdStudioPro + SpruceText - thx Shas2509
  • Fixed: Alignment/italic in DvdStudioPro + SpruceText - thx Shas2509
  • Fixed: Wrong "Time code status" in EBU properties - thx doc
  • Fixed: Strip control characters from text field when loading subtitle - thx mkver
  • Fixed: Reading FCP xml - thx Antti
  • Fixed: Reading "YouTube transcript" with trailing space - thx Sherman
  • Fixed: Issue where "< min duration" was not error highlighted - thx Ingo
  • Fixed: Shortcut "Set end, offset the rest and go to next" - thx Leon
  • Fixed: Set better default style in Sami - thx Jamakmake

by Trottel at 18-28-02 15:07
Updated Czech language file for version

by at 18-01-03 07:36
@Trottel: thx :)
Updated on github.

by Mihai at 18-03-03 15:30
When starting, pop this error.
XP sp3
Windows Forms Thread Exception
An application error occurred in Subtitle Edit
Please report at with the following information: Error Message:
The requested security protocol is not supported.
Stack Trace:
at System. Net. ServicePointManager. set_SecurityProtocol(SecurityProtocolType value) at Nikse.SubtitleEdit.Forms.Main.Main_Shown(Object sender, EventArgs e) at System.Windows.Forms.Form.OnShown(EventArgs e) at System. Windows. Forms. Form. CallShownEvent()
at System. Windows. Forms. Control. InvokeMarshaledCallbackDo(ThreadMethodEntry tme) at System. Windows. Forms. Control. InvokeMarshaledCallbackHelper(Object obj) at System. Threading. ExecutionContext. runTryCode(Object userData)
at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.RuntimeHelpers.ExecuteCodeWithGuaranteedCleanup(TryCode code, CleanupCode backoutCode, Object userData)
at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.RunInternal(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state)
at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state, Boolean ignoreSyncCtx)
at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state)
at System. Windows. Forms. Control. InvokeMarshaledCallback(ThreadMethodEntry tme)
at System. Windows. Forms. Control. InvokeMarshaledCallbacksQ

by at 18-03-03 16:06
@Mihai: Also reported on Github.

by Mihai at 18-03-03 19:44
TLS 1.2 error?
Please disable in SE the auto check for updates on TLS sites
Or make them available on nonTLS servers

I don't see why secure/encripted connections are pushed paranoically to non vital content sites or downloads

Personally I don't use ANY plugin, so why receive pop errors or revert and stick to a previous version?

by at 18-03-03 19:51
@Mihai: Just download latest beta.

by Mihai at 18-03-03 22:19
latest beta.fix the problem.
Hope the future stables keep the fix

by Mihai at 18-04-03 15:52
Using VLC to play the movie run fine
Opening the srt in SE consecutively pop 2 error msg, at video load time:

1. The procedure entry point strtok_s could not be located in the dynamic link library msvcrt.dll.

2. The procedure entry point InitOnceExecuteOnce could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll

XP sp3

by Mihai at 18-04-03 15:53
Forgot to say...after closing the 2 pop's, SE work fine

by at 18-04-03 16:07
Mihai: Re-install vlc?

by Mihai at 18-04-03 17:37
I use the portable VLC version
It play nice portable as it is.
Video play nice in SE with embedded VLC/libvlc (after closing the 2 err msg).
Only the annoyng 2 err msg on loading the paired video file with the opened srt

by moob at 18-04-03 23:37

update pt-PT language until lastest git-be9dfcd

need put to translation -- Font in UI -- settings window


by at 18-05-03 07:57
@moob: thx for the update :)
Also added the missing translation tag for "Font in UI"

by techguru at 18-06-03 04:36
@mihai...why the fuck are you using xp sp3...its time to upgrade ..and if your pc is too slow for at least windows 7....use linux mint or something

by techguru at 18-06-03 04:37
@niske hard would it be to port SE to linux?

by techguru at 18-06-03 04:43
would it be possible to improve ocr by feeding SE the font used in the subtitle..if im not mistaken...abby finereader has this ability

by at 18-06-03 07:10
SE runs on linux via mono - the video player is not well integrated though, but that should be fixable.

SE OCR cannot use the font name...
By the way, Tesseract 4 shows nice improvements (it's slow and no italic detection I think - but good accuracy).

by vmb at 18-06-03 10:34
SE analyzed by the PVS-Studio Analyzer (

On English:
On Russian:

by turment at 18-06-03 18:36
As you don't reply on Doom9 I will try here :)

- Could you please enable CTRL+a as "select all" in windows such as batch convert? Would be really comfortable to use when removing lot of subs.

- There is a regression, dunno since which version. If you feed the following srt and you try to remove text before colon (":"), if you select "Only if text is UPPERCASE, SE won't find any. If you deselect it, SE won't find all and the ones it finds give wrong output:

00:01:48,275 --] 00:01:51,987
And why would I want them? DRIVER:
They were trying to grab your prize.

00:18:04,459 --] 00:18:06,086
What? BLAKE: Name's Jimmy.

00:21:21,572 --] 00:21:22,949
Go! SWAT 2: Go!

00:31:45,738 --] 00:31:48,324
Now. YUPPIE: Creep!

01:03:23,258 --] 01:03:26,470
Mr. Wayne, over here! MAN 2:
How's it feel to be one of the people?

02:03:45,377 --] 02:03:46,753
Bruce. WAYNE: You okay?

by Khan at 18-11-03 03:59
I switched back to 3.5.5 as 3.5.6 no longer has the option to change the subtitle font and size.
See images: (3.5.5) (3.5.6)

by at 18-11-03 08:57
@Khan: These setting has actually been extended and moved to their own tab called "Font" :)
Now it's possible to adjust font size/bold of list view / text box independently as multiple users has requested this.

by Khan at 18-12-03 10:28
@ Thanks for clarifying. This is even better.
Thank you.

by Alan at 18-12-03 23:46
I have some webvtt subtitles which contain style information, like this:
{\an8}[font color="notosans"]ゲーム[/c.notosans]

When I open the file, this shows up as part of the subtitle. I want to just save the file as srt without any styling information. Is it possible to strip this data automatically?

by techguru at 18-15-03 10:04
would it be possible to add a motion tracker to SE for object tracking in a video file
OPENCV seems to be an option

by admas at 18-17-03 19:05
Updated Polish language file -

by moob at 18-18-03 21:27

update pt-PT language until lastest git-39e8c62


by Khan at 18-20-03 04:59
@Alan Color code information is shown as part of the subtitle because your coding is all wrong.
I don't know of any color that's named "notosans". Is it blueish?
Plus, color code is generally in this format:
[c.yellow]Oh, it's Samantha.[/c]
[font color="#FFFF00"]Oh, it's Samantha.[/font]
(Note: '[' is less-than sign and ']' is greater-than sign.)

I'm not sure if you can remove color code info using SubtitleEdit, but you can convert it on:
They remove coding information. can you update this blog so that less-than sign is not shown as '['? It's confusing.
Thank you.

by tech at 18-21-03 06:30
how about for the next major release we try to get some hard sub ocr'ing..very useful feature

by Metia at 18-26-03 16:32
Thanks for a brilliant subtitle programme. I love it.
I would really like to know if there is a way of adding the 'duration' column times to get a total time for subtitles.
I have tried various ways, but I just can't see how to do it!
Any help would be greatly appreciated :-)

by Rex at 18-28-03 13:02
When loading smi subs the last sub entry has a [/sami] that's not deleted :(

by Arrakis at 18-29-03 20:41
In Version 3.5.5
When saving (save as) the edited .srt file is renamed to match the video file name
In Version 3.5.6
When "save as" the file name stays the same as the original .srt
Is there a setting I'm missing in "tools"? I'd like "save as" to rename the file like it does in 3.5.5
Thanks for any help

by Paul at 18-30-03 08:51
When I use the Fix OCR option, for some reason it keeps fixing L.A. to I.A. This only happens when L.A. (abbreviation for Los Angeles) is in a sentence. I added L.A. to the ignored list but still keeps popping up. Does anybody have this issue?

by at 18-30-03 09:17
@techguru: I still have not found a good solution to get the images frame by frame - I tried with mpv which should be possible but...

@Rex: Could you email me or upload the smi sub?

@Arrakis: In latest beta you can choose where "save as" file name is taken from in -> Options -> Settings -> General.

@Paul: thx for the info - that's a bug, I'll look into it.

by Connect at 18-05-04 22:33
Hello! Please, would it be possible to make the program break the lines only before punctuation and capital letters? Thanks!

by connect at 18-05-04 22:46
Sorry, after punctuation and before uppercase letters.

by techguru at 18-08-04 09:39
possible fix?

by techguru at 18-08-04 09:45
screenshot-raw [subtitles|video|window]
Return a screenshot in memory. This can be used only through the client API. The MPV_FORMAT_NODE_MAP returned by this command has the w, h, stride fields set to obvious contents. The format field is set to bgr0 by default. This format is organized as B8G8R8X8 (where B is the LSB). The contents of the padding X are undefined. The data field is of type MPV_FORMAT_BYTE_ARRAY with the actual image data. The image is freed as soon as the result mpv_node is freed. As usual with client API semantics, you are not allowed to write to the image data.

by techguru at 18-08-04 09:47
maybe another option

by SubNet at 18-09-04 15:57
Please analyze this suggestion! Would save a lot of time editing. Thanks!

Hello,it would be possible the program break the lines immediately before capital letters and also immediately after punctuation?
Obviously respecting the rule of number of characters per line,
and the balance between that number of characters per line (preset in the program).
Then the program would only enforce this linebreaking rule (immediately before capital letters and immediately after punctuation) if the line balance condition (preset in the program) is respected. Is the tip!! :)

by Rex at 18-10-04 16:11
Sry for the late reply.
Shure ill throw the sub in a mail


by Bob4K at 18-15-04 23:18
First, thanks for the best sub editor. period!

I have a feature request if I may be so bold. With HI like this one:

"a telescope? ERIC: Bye, Max."

There is no setting that allows to remove the "ERIC:" part that I see.

A way to do it would be to add a feature removing all the text before a ":" up to the first punctuation sign (here a "?") found.

by TCR at 18-16-04 10:42
Hello Bob4K,

This program has that option already. Go to: Tools, Remove text for hearing impaired, Remove text for a colon (:). You will see the text ERIC: is removed.

by Bob4K at 18-17-04 22:35
TCR, thanks for the answer, but that does work for me:

Am I missing some obvious option? I ticked "Remove text before a colon", but NOT "Only if uppercase" and NOT "only in separate line".

I tested with 3.5.0 and 3.5.6, same for both

by oronzogare at 18-20-04 11:33
Hi Nikolaj,
first of all, thank you very much for Subtitle Edit, it's a free gift and it works like no other.
Just a simple question (already read the FAQs without success).
Is there any way to fade out a single subtitle line and save the result as PNG?
Thanks and kind regards.

by techguru at 18-22-04 09:50
heres a feature that should be easy to add
a line timing checker to make sure the first time is less then the second time
...down to the millisecond
just found a subtitle where 40 lines of the sub were mixed up..

by riltaras at 18-24-04 14:40
What does mean "deflate" in Subtitle Edit and generally in making subtitles?

by James at 18-26-04 07:49
In Create, When F12 is pressed, it sets the End time. Is there a key where if it is pressed, it sets the End time and automatically sets the Start time of the next caption? I import plain text and so it would be easy if there was such a key.
Thank you.

by admas at 18-29-04 21:02
Updated Polish language file -

Here are the latest dictionaries -

by Xy at 18-05-05 10:29
1.) When video controls are un-docked and switched off, after restarting program, bottom "Control" window appears. Normally, it shouldn't appear.

2.) In Tools ] Apply duration limits, "Min. duration limit" is limted to only 2000 ms. In Subtitle Workshop there's no such limitation. You can type 3000, 4000...

3.) "Merge selected lines as dialog"

In this action, a dash is added at the beginning of the line, thus there's a space between dash and capital letter. That's unnecessary, and only distracts the viewer, and unnecessary space increases CPS. It's not according to professional standards:


00:00:12,609 --] 00:00:15,828
- Line 1
- Line 2

It should be like this:

00:00:12,609 --] 00:00:15,828
Line 1
-Line 2

4.) In Synchronisation ] Change frame rate, you could add value "30".

5.) You could consider creating Dark skin/mode. It should be more pleasent for the eyes, specially at night.

6.) You can add "minimum display time between subtitles" information in the statistics.

by Xy at 18-10-05 20:53
In Options - Settings - ASS/SSA Style, "Opaque box" only works in SE preview, not in media players: PotPlayer, MPC and VLC.

by elmarikon at 18-15-05 19:19
Using the command line, the option /fps: seems to do nothing.
I have an EBU-stl in 24fps, trying to convert to itt (24) via command line. So I do SE /convert 24fps.stl itunestimedtext /fps:24 /targetfps:24 ...
And I receive an itt slowed down "25" to "24" fps.
So, no matter what I do SE seems to assume the stl is 25fps.

Thanx for your help!

by Vesna at 18-06-07 11:57

When I open TS file waveform doesn't appear real situation...
What shoul I do?

by william at 18-09-07 12:05
first of all, thank you very much for Subtitle Edit.
Is there any way to sync Subtitle Edit with DAW MTC/MMC SETUP (Pro Tools), like Video Slave?

by kenny at 18-22-07 12:00
I have a problem with subtitle edit 3.56 and NET framework 4.72 everything in the program is very slow with ver. 4.71 is everything ok.

by kenny at 18-22-07 13:04
NET framework is not the problem but nvidia driver 398.36 is the problem and makes subtitle edit very slow

by Xy at 18-26-07 17:11

Is there a way to adjust "Auto br(eak)" lines in settings? If not, that would be great to implement!

by william at 18-29-07 12:29
SSA file

can you please add the video information to the header of the file?

by Carlos at 18-08-08 15:07
Dude, the Auto br, should have the option of breaking just after or just before. (user list). Thanks for the prog!

by moob at 18-08-08 21:23

update pt-PT language until lastest git-fc89e64


by admas at 18-09-08 09:58

Updated Polish language file -

And MySpell new Polish files

by Chloros at 18-10-08 23:14
Hello Nikse,
Just switched to Ubuntu 18.04 but I guess I'm too used to SE to switch to some of those tool provided by default. I still installed mono-complete and Vlc packages (already had Mplayer, because it's just the best), too that achive and installed SE. Unfortunately, the shortcuts to create and adjust subtitles didn't react as planned, I can't pause the video with Ctrl-P and pressing Space seems to set the waveform cursor in a very specific timestamp no matter where I move it.

This is what the Ubuntu terminal returned to me:

Not sure what to do to start subtitling videos again. At any rate, thank you again very much, Nikse, for creating and updating the best tool I've ever saw to us subtitlers.

by at 18-11-08 18:35
@william: Check File -> Advanced Sub Station Alpha properties...

@Carlos: Check Options -> Settings -> Tools -> Misc

@mob/admas: thx for the updates :)

@Chloros: I do belive libmpv is the best choice for video player - read this:

by moob at 18-12-08 19:43

update pt-PT language until lastest git-d7bffc2


by moob at 18-13-08 01:09

Don't forget to add "clear button" for translation in tab sortcuts on setting window.

by admas at 18-13-08 12:17

Updated Polish language file -

by at 18-14-08 22:32
@moob: thx for the update - and thx for the "clear button" hint too :)

@admas: thx for the update :)

by ewong at 18-15-08 12:04
Is there any function we can adjust the black box size when exporting to xml + image?
The black box now is almost in line with the titles. It will be great if we can make the box larger.

by admas at 18-18-08 08:17

Updated Polish language file -

by moob at 18-19-08 08:09

update pt-PT language until lastest git-54164b9


by at 18-19-08 08:25
@ewong: You could try changing "ExportBoxBorderSize" in the Settings.xml file.

@admas: thx :)

by p1nky at 18-21-08 08:02
Hello, I used the 'Show/Hide Video' and 'Show/Hide Waveform' once to edit a sub and now every time I open a sub, those 2 windows and the control always appear too. What option to change so that it just open subtitles like it used to be (without video and waveform windows)? Thanks.

by at 18-21-08 18:51
@p1nky: Just click on the toolbar buttons for "Show video" and "Show waveform" again - they are like toggle buttons.

by moob at 18-23-08 22:38

update pt-PT language until lastest git-8fd63e5


by at 18-24-08 10:54
@moob: thx :)
Updated on Github.

by marat at 18-24-08 19:00
hello/ i want to extract the subs from the video/ but there is a problem. NO SUBTITLES FOUND! что делааааать? помогитееее!!!!!!!!!!

by at 18-24-08 19:06
@marat: SE cannot handle "hardcoded" subtitles... perhaps the video has harcoded / burned-in subs?

by marat at 18-25-08 09:57 can you please explain to me, cause i cant understand. how does hardcoded
differ from so softcoded subs? and can you please suggest me any programs for hardcoded subs ?

by Xy at 18-25-08 11:53

I want to report another bug: auto detection of some ANSI encodings is not quite reliable

I have few examples of SE mixing Windows-1251 (Cyrillic) encoding with Windows-1258 (Vietnamese) and shift_JIS.(Japanese).

Windows-1250 (Central European) with ibm-852.

Here are links for mentioned subs, if you're interested:

And some exaples of correct detection (another subs), if you want to compare:

P.S. "ANSI" label for encodings is a widely used misnomer:

by at 18-25-08 14:25
@marat: Try VideoSubFinder. Or check if there are subtitle tracks with MediaInfo.

by at 18-25-08 14:58
@Xy: OK, thx for the file - I'll see if I can improve the auto-detect, but code pages are buggy by design!

Do use utf-8 (if possible) as it has been the best choice for the last 15 years!

by Xy at 18-25-08 16:18


If it's of any help, i tested the files which i send you with Notepad++ (Drag & Drop), and the program detected all of them.

I'm Unicode fan, but one major subtitle site's admins don't share my enthusiasm.:(

by at 18-25-08 17:52
@Xy: Beta updated.

Notepad++ is probably good at guessing code pages... but it will not be 100% correct.

by at 18-26-08 09:18

by at 18-26-08 10:43
SE 3.5.7 will be out soon - please test latest beta (it's the portable version).
thx :)

by admas at 18-26-08 21:00

Updated Polish language file -

by Xy at 18-29-08 10:47
Thank you very much for fixing the encoding detection issue!

I have a small thing to report:

When video controls are un-docked, and turned off (hidden) by pressing video bar button, each time SE is (re)started, "controls" window appears:

by moob at 18-30-08 15:15

update pt-PT language until lastest git-12d0d4a build 451


by at 18-30-08 17:38
@admas/moob: thx for the updates :)

by Revei at 18-01-09 12:29
I have updated from build 253 to the latest beta and in this version do-not-break-after-list is empty. I copied the settings file from the older version but the list is still empty. Is it possible to import this list from previous version? I have spent a lot of time adding words to that list. Thank you.

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