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Subtitle Edit 3.5.16

A new release is out again!

Important fixes: Spell check dictionary download should work again (LibreOffice changed download links), the WinKey should no longer freeze SE, and auto-break should work with dialogs again.

New stuff: OCR method "nOCR" which hopefully works well for e.g. Blu-ray .sup files. Can also be trained with your own font/letters.

Read the full change log here.

Thx to all contributors and happy summer <3

Subtitle Edit 3.5.15

Subtitle Edit 3.5.15 is now ready :)

This version features sentence continuation style, improvements for "Fix common errors", Tesseract 5 Alpha, waveform for video with no audio, customizable F4-F12 shortcuts, improvements for batch convert, improvements for batch waveform generation, new subtitle formats, and much, much more.

Subtitle Edit 3.5.14

Subtitle Edit 3.5.14 is now available.

This version introduces dialog styles and UTF-8 without BOM encoding.
Check the rest of the nice improvements and fixes in the change log.

The old default encoding UTF-8 is now called UTF-8 with BOM.

Note: Drag'n'drop of .mkv files does not work in SE 3.5.14 - use File -> Open instead.

Subtitle Edit 3.5.13

Go get SE 3.5.13 which is a minor update, released early due to issues with frame based formats..

Subtitle Edit 3.5.12

Go get Subtitle Edit 3.5.12, so you can enjoy:

Subtitle Edit 3.5.11

Subtitle Edit 3.5.11 is now out.

The change log contains many minor improvements and bugfixes - here are a few highlights:

  • Batch convert now scans faster + has support for .ts image to Blu-ray sup
  • "Tools -> Join subtitles" can now append time
  • Improved Linux support
  • New subtitle formats

Subtitle Edit 3.5.10

Subtitle Edit 3.5.10 is now available.

The change log contains many nice improvements and minor fixes.
Profiles for different settings are introduced.

Thx for all the feedback and help!
Enjoy :)

Subtitle Edit 3.5.9

Subtitle Edit 3.5.9 is out now.

Change log:

  • New: Bookmarks - thx OmrSi/marb99
  • New: Auto save option
  • New: Spell check - keep "Use always" replace list option
  • New: Image export - option to have single lines top justified - thx joedmartin
  • New: Add shortcut: Modify selection
  • New: Add format "OGM chapters" - thx Franc
  • New: Add format "sptx" (read) - thx Peter
  • New: Add Norwegian name list - thx SvenErik
  • Improved: Update Hungarian translation - thx Zityi
  • Improved: Update Korean translation - thx domddol
  • Improved: Update Portuguese translation - thx moob
  • Improved: Update French translation - thx JM GBT
  • Improved: Update Polish translation - thx admas
  • Improved: Update a few wrong translations (Spanish) - thx Ovidio
  • Improved: Create/adjust/translate shortcuts now global - thx OmrSi/uckthis
  • Improved: Auto break adheres to "Max number of lines" setting
  • Improved: Translate selected lines for MS translator + plugins
  • Improved: Make "select current sub while playing" smoother in waveform
  • Improved: Support .rtf files in "Import plain text" - thx Tilen
  • Improved: Improve Binary OCR of comma / apostrophe - thx Tuukka
  • Improved: Improve quote/italic detection in binary OCR - thx Miggu
  • Improved: Add context menu to OCR spell check
  • Improved: Improve DVD Studio Pro tag reading - thx Shas2509
  • Improved: "Toggle music tags" uses "music symbol" from tool settings
  • Improved: Improve language auto-detect - thx Xy
  • Improved: Improve parsing of badly formatted srt files - thx Darnn
  • Improved: Update names list - thx ivandrofly
  • Improved: Binary OCR auto detect best DB - thx Mr. Rage
  • Fixed: Missing/bad html tags after "Auto br" - thx iromafia111
  • Fixed: Crash in OCR window when closing - thx spetragl
  • Fixed: OCR in batch convert - thx danstraughn
  • Fixed: Crash parsing empty word in OCR via Tesseract - thx Barry
  • Fixed: Reading ttml 2016-10 draft with "dur" tags - thx bbpqman
  • Fixed: Underline with "Reverse start/end" - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Possible crash in load of settings - thx eugenesvk
  • Fixed: Improve eng_OCRFixReplaceList.xml - thx Ding-adong
  • Fixed: Minor tag issue in vtt - thx Arjan
  • Fixed: Minor issues regarding pasting in list view - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: A few minor issues in "Fix common errors" - thx darnn
  • Fixed: Bug in "Multiple replace" with delete empty lines - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Bug regarding VTT position - thx devilcoelhodog
  • Fixed: Crash in "Remove text for HI" - thx Rouzax
  • Fixed: Wrong label in "frame mode" (ms -> frames) - thx Dominik
  • Fixed: Some missing translations - thx Jamakmake

Subtitle Edit 3.5.8

Subtitle Edit 3.5.8 released.

  • New: Add new subtitle formats
  • New: Add some image pre-processing for OCR
  • New: Add "DVD Studio Pro" file properties - thx Daniel
  • New: Add ebu stl boxing - thx Milenko
  • New: Add "Fix RTL" to batch convert - thx OmrSi/MosDos96/ghost
  • New: Add new shortcuts (mostly related to alignment)
  • Improved: Update Bulgarian translation - thx KalinM
  • Improved: Update Finnish translation - thx Teijo S
  • Improved: Update Korean translation - thx domddol
  • Improved: Update Catalan translation - thx Juansa
  • Improved: Update Hungarian translation - thx Zityi
  • Improved: Update Chinese translation - thx tinyboxvk
  • Improved: Update Portuguese translation - thx moob
  • Improved: Update Brazil translation - thx Igor
  • Improved: Updated Russian translation - thx Elheym
  • Improved: Improve plain text import - thx uckthis/darnn/Leon
  • Improved: Make custom "Choose font" dialog - thx OmrSi
  • Improved: Update Bing translator from V2 to V3 API
  • Improved: Faster Tesseract OCR if CPU has many cores
  • Improved: Try using word lists for uppercase "i" inside words - thx TeDDy
  • Improved: Improve unknown json importer - thx Thamy
  • Improved: Improve paste in list view - thx OmrSi/darnn
  • Improved: Add "Fix RTL" to batch convert - thx OmrSi/MosDos96/ghost
  • Improved: Add support Google Cloud API key
  • Improved: Allow translate selected lines in translate mode
  • Improved: Don't count "new line" for total chars in Statistics - thx Andy
  • Improved: Update Netflix allowed glyphs - thx Justin
  • Fixed: Go back to Tesseract 3.02 (T4 available as in-program download)
  • Fixed: Fix Bing translator sign-up url - thx sopor
  • Fixed: Fix common OCR errors "L" vs "I" issue - thx Araynilmar/Zoltán
  • Fixed: Fix for loading video file after openening .mks file
  • Fixed: Fix crash in "Point sync" - thx Kari
  • Fixed: Fix crash in export of compare result - thx billysamk
  • Fixed: Fix line length issue in Netflix QC with italics - thx billysamk
  • Fixed: Fix missing titles from PGS inside MKV - thx ManChicken1911
  • Fixed: Fix opening empty 890 file - thx Janica
  • Fixed: Fix auto-select text in undocked mode - thx Ingo
  • Fixed: Fix Toggle dialog dashes with ASS tags - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Fix "Set end, next start + go to next" w org sub - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Fix crash in Remove text for HI" - thx indeed-a-genius
  • Fixed: Fix "total seconds" in "Export custom format" - thx David
  • Fixed: Fix mpv crash/hang after open 4+ videos
  • Fixed: Add custom fade up/down for DCinema smpte - thx felagund
  • Fixed: Fix reading last line with zero duration - thx darnn
  • Fixed: Fix for column paste - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Fix adding music symbols with tags
  • Fixed: Fix syntax coloring in "Fix common errors" - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Fix somtimes not updating total line length - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Fix text/image overlap in manual image to text OCR - thx amichaeltm
  • Fixed: Do not ignore words of combined letters/numbers - thx Boulder08
  • Fixed: Trying to fix mpv missing text refresh - thx darnn
  • Fixed: Fix crash in "add better multi match" - thx Boulder08
  • Fixed: Remove empty pics when importing mkv/vobsub - thx Roy
  • Fixed: Don't lose coloring after delete line in OCR - thx BxMxK
  • Fixed: Fix adjust via end position w original subtitle - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Fix toggle dialog dashes with font tags
  • Fixed: Fix freeze in spell check change all - thx Edwin
  • Fixed: Fix extra space when using "Toggle play/pause" - thx Luiz
  • Fixed: Fix "Go to next error" for last line - thx Leon/OmrSi
  • Fixed: Fix crash in "Typewriter effect" - thx tharindu
  • Fixed: Avoid leaving files in temp folder - thx borifax

Subtitle Edit 3.5.7

SE 3.5.7 is out now.

Change log:

  • New: New subtitle formats
  • New: Font can be different for subtitle list view / text box
  • New: Indonesian translation - thx Nicedward
  • New: Support for mp4 dash ttml - thx Octirius
  • New: Shortcut for toggle music symbols - thx robtor
  • New: Shortcuts "Batch convert" + "waveform split"
  • New: Shortcuts for bilingual line merge/split
  • New: "Shift+F3" shortcut for backward search - thx OmrSi/Leon
  • New: New setting: volume boost
  • New: New setting: "save as..." take file name from
  • New: Download of ffmpeg
  • Improved: Update Brazilian translation - thx Igor
  • Improved: Update Czech translation - thx Trottel
  • Improved: Update Hungarian translation - thx ZityiSoft Team
  • Improved: Update Turkish translation - thx Falcon006
  • Improved: Update Finnish translation - thx Teijo S
  • Improved: Update Bulgarian translation - thx KalinM
  • Improved: Update Chinese translation - thx Leon
  • Improved: Update Romanian translation - thx Mircea
  • Improved: Update Basque translation - thx Xabier
  • Improved: Update Portuguese translation - thx moob
  • Improved: Update Russian translation - thx Elheym
  • Improved: Update Tesseract OCR from 3.02 to 4.0 (beta 3)
  • Improved: Minor improvements for Video -> Generate/import scene changes
  • Improved: Remember OCR spell check dictionary for tesseract - thx raymondjpg
  • Improved: Add some style support to "Modify selection"
  • Improved: Ctrl+a/ctrl+d/ctrl+shift+i works in more lists - thx tormento
  • Improved: Add shortcut for open translator mode - thx OmrSi
  • Improved: Add shortcut "Go to previous sub (from video pos)" - thx OmrSi
  • Improved: Hide cursor in video fullscreen mode/mpv - thx OmrSi
  • Improved: Respect line break for waveform preview text - thx Leon
  • Improved: Add check for frame rate in Netflix quality checker - thx Justin
  • Improved: Add ">" and "<" duration in "Modify selection"
  • Improved: Improve EBU STL properties regarding "language code"
  • Improved: Add "Export" for compare tool - thx Kait
  • Improved: Add "Search" in Options -> Settings -> Shortcuts - thx Leon/OmrSi
  • Improved: Add "Search" in "Open subtitle w manual chosen encoding"
  • Improved: Some improvements of waveform file name - thx OmrSi/Jamakmake
  • Improved: Allow up to 2 mb ebu stl sub files - thx Yusuf
  • Improved: Add "Import as plain text" button for unknown subtitle types
  • Improved: Improve ansi code page detection a bit - thx Xy
  • Improved: Batch convert can now handle mkv pgs/vobsub
  • Fixed: "Add to names list" in OCR spell check - thx daed-alus/Sergiy
  • Fixed: "Generate scene changes" decimal point issue - thx Max
  • Fixed: Issue with "max time" after "split line" - thx Jüri
  • Fixed: "Remove text for HI" issue - thx btsix
  • Fixed: Casing issue regarding "President" - thx Kolle
  • Fixed: Hashtag issue in "Fix common errors"
  • Fixed: Improve Swedish/Finnish language auto-detect - thx Kolle
  • Fixed: Crash in change play rate - thx darnn
  • Fixed: Some issues found by PVS-Studio - thx SvyatoslavRazmyslov
  • Fixed: "Replace all" with single letter - thx amerzone
  • Fixed: Issue with Greek / "Fix missing spaces" - thx amerzone
  • Fixed: Normalize "new-line" from mkv files - thx mkver
  • Fixed: Do not allow navigating before zero in video - thx darnn
  • Fixed: Issue with nested tags in "Remove text for HI" - thx darnn
  • Fixed: Image render issue regarding italic/font - thx Cemal
  • Fixed: Bottom margin in batch image export - thx Cemal
  • Fixed: Possible crash in list view - thx lambdacore12
  • Fixed: For "Remove text for HI" - thx Lynton
  • Fixed: List view focus after video fullscreen - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: File -> Open (Keep Video)... - thx Kolle
  • Fixed: Error when using Regex replace - thx OmrSi/mkver
  • Fixed: List view line focus issue - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Text box size in RTL mode after closing original - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Issue with last line in some .smi files - thx Rex
  • Fixed: "Move start/end 100 ms back/forward" - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: For "Fix (remove dash) lines beginning w dash" - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Changed status for non utf-8 files - thx OmrSi/mkver
  • Fixed: Crash with file containing the word "speakers" - txh darnn
  • Fixed: Batch convert: Remember "remove interjections" - thx MosDos96
  • Fixed: ass/ssa bug in "Remove text for HI" - thx MosDos96
  • Fixed: Bug in "Move 100 ms forw/back" + translation - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Crash in statistics - thx khashayarxy
  • Fixed: Crash with Gap Column - thx Leon
  • Fixed: Issue with "Fix missing spaces" and "?" - thx Boulder08
  • Fixed: Crash in "Remove text for HI" - thx tormento
  • Fixed: Reset video position after new file - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Shortcut "Column, Delete text" - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Character count in EBU STL propertie - thx FVonFaschion
  • Fixed: Style when add subtitle with F9 in create mode - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Typewriter effect with tags - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Copy source to clipboard now adds video offset - thx Ingo
  • Fixed: Duplicate postfix in "translate selected" - thx Jamakmake
  • Fixed: For last line in "Replace all" - thx ryvec
  • Fixed: For setting index for recent file - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Current line issue for "Set end, offset rest" - thx OmrSi
  • Fixed: Decimal point issue with ASS - thx Thierry
  • Fixed: Info msg after "Multiple replace" - thx OmrSi