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Subtitle Edit 3.6.2

Subtitle Edit 3.6.2 is ready.


  • Can burn-in subtitles in video
  • Allow custom shortcuts for plugins
  • Improved support for ASSA, incl. tag helper, position helper - and fade/draw plugins

Change log

Subtitle Edit 3.6.1

Subtitle Edit 3.6.1 is out now.

You can now have your favorite subtitle formats in the top of the subtitle format combo box.
Some improvements for Advanced Sub Station Alpha.
And the usual minor improvements and fixes.

Happy summer :)

Subtitle Edit 3.6.0

Subtitle Edit 3.6.0 has landed.

Many new settings regarding appearance, like dark theme, syntax coloring in text box.
The "source view" is now hidden by default which gives a little more space for the list view. It's possible to toggle between "source view" and "list view" by "F2" (or context menu).
New SE icon by Leon Cheung <3

Also check the new bd .sup file editor.

Important note: This version of SE uses .NET framework 4.7.2 (or 4.8), which means that WinXP and Vista are no longer supported.

Enjoy :)

Subtitle Edit 3.5.18

SE 3.5.18 is fresh out of the oven!

News: "waveform multi-audio-track support", "import/export of shortcuts" and a "measurement converter".

Fixes: Image export with font tag, and some cmd-line/batch-convert issues.

See the change log for more info.

Enjoy :)

Subtitle Edit 3.5.17

You simply just need to get the new awesome Subtitle Edit 3.5.17 :)

This release fixes an issue with overlap in "Tools -> Adjust duration" and fixes reading Blu-ray sup files with overlapping images.

Transport streams (.ts/.m2ts/.mts) subtitles (teletext + images) are now supported in both command line convert + batch convert.
Several new subtitle formats bring the number of supported formats up to a whopping 300 (SE tries to guess unknown formats too).
Also, many new shortcuts have been added. The Netflix quality check is improved and SE might even be able to read/convert CD+G karaoke files now.

Get more details in the full change log.

Have fun!

Subtitle Edit 3.5.16

A new release is out again!

Important fixes: Spell check dictionary download should work again (LibreOffice changed download links), the WinKey should no longer freeze SE, and auto-break should work with dialogs again.

New stuff: OCR method "nOCR" which hopefully works well for e.g. Blu-ray .sup files. Can also be trained with your own font/letters.

Read the full change log here.

Thx to all contributors and happy summer <3

Subtitle Edit 3.5.15

Subtitle Edit 3.5.15 is now ready :)

This version features sentence continuation style, improvements for "Fix common errors", Tesseract 5 Alpha, waveform for video with no audio, customizable F4-F12 shortcuts, improvements for batch convert, improvements for batch waveform generation, new subtitle formats, and much, much more.

Subtitle Edit 3.5.14

Subtitle Edit 3.5.14 is now available.

This version introduces dialog styles and UTF-8 without BOM encoding.
Check the rest of the nice improvements and fixes in the change log.

The old default encoding UTF-8 is now called UTF-8 with BOM.

Note: Drag'n'drop of .mkv files does not work in SE 3.5.14 - use File -> Open instead.

Subtitle Edit 3.5.13

Go get SE 3.5.13 which is a minor update, released early due to issues with frame based formats..

Subtitle Edit 3.5.12

Go get Subtitle Edit 3.5.12, so you can enjoy: