Subtitle Edit 3.5.4

Subtitle Edit is out in version 3.5.4.

It has been while since last release, so the change log is pretty big.

Thx for all the feedback and help!

by YOUSEF_MAGHRABI at 17-04-10 06:57
Nice & Perfect Thank You

by techguru at 17-05-10 02:43
now how about trying for hardsubs OCR
videosubfinder was updated finally a little bit last year
but it could use alot more...

you could probably use SOME of the code from it in SE

by perellii at 17-06-10 16:42
I used to rip hardsubs with AviSubDetector. It was almost perfect to save the time codes. I think it was open source too.

by perellii at 17-06-10 16:43
THX for your efforts, keep up the good work!

by MaYouniss at 17-06-10 19:30

by Lao Pan at 17-09-10 10:53
Using Subtitle Edit for Correcting Editing Timing English Subs on Chinese Films. (1080p)
With 3.5.4 using mpv for preview the subtitle font is tiny and unreadable - the beta has fixed this problem.
Thanks Excellent program.

by Mihai at 17-14-10 10:17
Using Subtitle Edit for Correcting Romanian Subs.
I have a problen when spell check composed words/abbreviations/shortenings. For example:

după-amiaza (afternoon), is recognised correctly because the 2 words around the "-" exist

d-șoara (the short for domnișoara=miss) in SE vision, they are 2 inexistant words. If they were passed as a word, the form is correct.

Can this be fixed?

by Mihai at 17-14-10 11:11
Another example:
"să-nțeleg", short for "să înțeleg"

by Marten Kresst at 17-15-10 07:17
I adore Subtitle Edit and I'm frequently using the "Multiple Replace"-option and the "Fix common errors"-option.
In Options-]Settings-]General-tab I settled for the "Subtitle font" TAHOMA, because it allows to see misspelled words with I (big i) and l (little L).
So, in the main window Subttile Edit really shows the font Tahoma, but in the working-windows of "Multiple Replace" and "Fix common errors" Subtitle Edit now shhows another font that doesn't allow me to see difference between the I (big i) and the l (little L).
So, here's my question: what I'm doing wrong or what can I do to solve that matter?
Thank you in advance.

by zachs75 at 17-17-10 12:49
Good day and thanks for this magnificent software.
I'm using Subtitle Edit to create and edit greek subtitles. At the "Binary Image Compare" on OCR Method, the software recognises the greek vowels with ton (έ, ή, ί, ύ, etc) as the latin i, can you fix it please?
Thank you in advance.

by elmarikon at 17-17-10 19:02
For me, SubtitleEdit is the best Subtitle tool available!

My question is: is there a way to create the NetflixTimedText-Report.csv via command line?
That would help me a lot. Maybe there could be a command line option like "/report" or sth.

Second thing: Is it possible to export BluRay xml/png via command line? I can't find out how...

All the best from germany!

by elmarikon at 17-18-10 19:15
Hi again!
I just noticed that styles (like 'italic') present in iTunesTimedText are gone after converting to NetflixTimedText...

style xml:id="normal" tts:color="#EBEBEB" tts:fontStyle="normal" tts:fontWeight="bold" tts:fontSize="100%" tts:fontFamily="sansSerif">
style xml:id="italic" tts:color="#EBEBEB" tts:fontStyle="italic" tts:fontWeight="bold" tts:fontSize="100%" tts:fontFamily="sansSerif">
p begin="00:03:38:17" end="00:03:41:15" region="top" style="italic">Wir können jetzt nicht
zurück, versteht du?

style tts:fontStyle="normal" tts:fontWeight="normal" xml:id="s1" tts:color="white" tts:fontFamily="Arial" tts:fontSize="100%">
p xml:id="p4" begin="00:03:38.708" end="00:03:41.625" region="bottomCenter">Wir können jetzt nicht
zurück, versteht du?

Thanx again for all your work!!

by Orit at 17-20-10 18:34
Thank you very much!
I enjoy using Subtitle Edit every day.

I wonder if it is possible while synchronizing to:
play first 500 ms of selection,
play last 500 ms of selection,
play 500 ms before selection,
play 500 ms after selection.
Maybe there is a way to do it and I missed it. If there is a way to do that, I will be so happy.

Again, thank you for the best subtitles editor I know!

by anonymous at 17-21-10 21:56
How to hope to get something fixed?
Nikse seem to ignore the comments

by at 17-22-10 11:07
@anonymous: Been on vacation... back again!

by at 17-22-10 20:21
@Marten Kresst: latest beta should now keep "Tahoma" font again.

@zachs75: Do you have a sample file? Also, you can double-click on a line to "inspect matches" and add better matches. Might also be somewhat improved in above beta.

@elmarikon: To convert to bluray-sup via cmd line do something like "subtitleedit /convert *.srt blu-raysup" - also see

by elmarikon at 17-23-10 19:01
thanx for your advise about BluRay.sub.
But I need BluRay xml+png...

by at 17-23-10 20:13
@elmarikon: BDN/XML should now also be included in the above beta - try "subtitleedit /convert *.srt bdn-xml" :)

by moob at 17-24-10 00:38

update pt-PT language until lastest git-4649249


by at 17-24-10 19:42
@moob: thx :)

by Mihai at 17-25-10 17:03
Using Subtitle Edit for Correcting Romanian Subs.
I have a problen when spell check composed words/abbreviations/shortenings. For example:

după-amiaza (afternoon), is recognised correctly because the 2 words around the "-" exist

d-șoara (the short for domnișoara=miss) in SE vision, they are 2 inexistant words. If they were passed as a word, the form is correct.

Can this be fixed?

Another example:
"să-nțeleg", short for "să înțeleg"

Also, in Fix Common Errors for RO, unchecking a line for the "fix uppercase 'i'..." box reapears as checked after apply

by at 17-26-10 00:13
@Mihai: Sorry, it's a spell check dictionary issue - perhaps you can find a better Romanian hunspell dictionary?
Alternately you can add the words to the user dictionary (paste e.g. "d-șoara" into the "word not found" and press "Add to user dictionary".

I cannot re-create the "Fix common errors" issue - do you have a test subtitle?

by Mihai at 17-26-10 09:17
My bet is, the separation line "minus" should be "non break hyphen", but everybody use "minus", so "să-nțeleg" is sent to speller as 2 words instead of one ?

Romanian hunspell dict is the one SE downloads, I bet there is none better

I have such subtitle at home. Basically the lang must be RO, and the words can be Iisus, Isus (=Jesus Christ), Iuda (Judas), Iad (hell). This words are in my Names file Case Sensitive and the first option SE proposes is to replace "i" with "l". I uncheck the line, push apply and in the next screen, the option is alone and enabled( it ignores my previous uncheck)

by at 17-26-10 09:48
@Mihai: Even spell checked as one word, "să-nțeleg" is not found.
Could you email/post the file?

by Mihai at 17-26-10 12:13
if "să-nțeleg" is spelled as 1 word, it should be shown red. Otherwise, "să" is recognised as already in dict and "nțeleg" is not found and it is not wise to add to dict because it will never be correct without it's precedence "să-" or "mă-" or "vă-"or few others
So, letters(not numbers) with 1, 2 or 3 "minus" inbetween can actually be words and sent together to the RO hunspell as composed words to be recognised or added to user dict

by at 17-26-10 16:27
@Mihai: I've updated the beta, so it can handle words seperated by dash in the user dictionary (well, tried anyway).

by Mihai at 17-28-10 17:25
Thank you, I will try to see if fixed.
Meantime, I've observed some srt's in RO language to be recognised as EN by the "fix common errors" but NOT by the speller.
Can you put a setting for the user for the preferred language of the subtitles and also the encoding(SE defaults to ansi and RO diacritics are seen wrong in ANSI but right in Unicode UTF8)

I fix romanian subs (99.99% of time) and I prefer to skip 1-st step in "fix common errors" (to check if RO is recognised) and another step chosing UTF8 when save the sub

Thank you very much for this wonderful program.

by at 17-28-10 17:53
Could you point me to some of the RO subtitles that fail spell check auto-detect?

by at 17-28-10 17:54
Also, if you edit Settings.xml you can set "AutoConvertToUtf8" to true to avoid to old (and crappy) ansi encoding :)

by Mihai at 17-28-10 18:04
Thank you very much for this fast answer.
Can I mail you the last sub wich I remember of?

I still prefer if possible to force RO for all the subs I correct

by Mihai at 17-28-10 21:25
The beta seem to work with words seperated by dash in the user dictionary.

Done few tests, added few words.
All OK till now

Thank you very much

by at 17-29-10 12:00
@Mihai: Thx for verifying :)
Also, new beta up with improved auto-detect of RO. Let me know if you find any RO files that are not auto-detected correctly.

by Mihai at 17-30-10 09:03
Thank you very much, I will test ASAP, when I grab new subs for my new movies.

I still prefer if possible to force RO for all the subs I correct, if possible to implement.

by techguru at 17-02-11 02:33
is there anyway to tell SE on the command line to adjust the timing for a bunch of srt files backward 1 second?

by at 17-02-11 06:49
@techguro: try with "/offset:hh:mm:ss:ms"

by connect at 17-03-11 00:09

Thank you for the great editor!
I would like to make a suggestion.
A command to break lines immediately after punctuation, when possible. ( . : ;? ! ... , ")

FOR EXAMPLE: "Above all, do not lose hope."

AFTER----> "Above all,
do not lose hope."

by moob at 17-04-11 05:06

update pt-PT language until lastest git-ac36379


by at 17-06-11 18:25
@moob: thx for the update :)
Included in this commit.

by moob at 17-06-11 22:37

update pt-PT language until lastest git-3329dd3


by at 17-07-11 18:31
@moob: thx again :)

by Khan at 17-08-11 06:30
I'm forced to use previous version, cos I get this error every time I try to auto break text.
Shortcut for Auto Break Text is Ctrl + R. I tried changing the shortcut, but still same error.
Thank you.

by Choi at 17-08-11 08:52
Hello, Thank you for the great program.
I want to find certain lines (with regular expression) and execute 'merge with next'.
Although I tried to select several lines with 'Modify selection', but 'merge with next' command could not merge all the lines at the same time.
It'll be great if I can use 'Merge certain lines' (Find certain line with condition, then execute selected command).

by admas at 17-08-11 09:09
Update polish language until latest beta version (build 78)

by at 17-09-11 19:40
@Khan: this issue should be fixed in latest beta.

@admas: thx for the update :)

by BravoZulu at 17-09-11 20:38
Thank you for this beautiful app !
With "Multiple replace": what code to use to replace a character with a CRLF? (Line Feed)

by BravoZulu at 17-09-11 23:17
To see the modifications of "Multiple replace", it is necessary to use after opening of the file in the soft, the function: [Edit] ] [Multiple replace...].
From [Tools] ] [Batch convert...] changes. are not visible !

by at 17-10-11 11:26
@BravoZulu: "\n" for new-line I think...
If you change something via "Tools -> Batch convert" that works on files on disk - not the loaded subtitle.

by Khan at 17-11-11 07:43
Thanks for the latest beta . It solved the Auto Break Text issue that I was facing.
In the latest beta-- previous versions, the new file would automatically take the file name of video and save it in video file location. New 3.5.4 doesn't do not. You have to manually type in the name of the file and location where it should be saved.
Any solution as to how I get the old feature back?
Also, if someone could revisit the Scenarist Closed Caption (SCC) format. It doesn't save the alignment information. It will put the "{\an8}" command, but when you open the file in major captions editor like Telestream CaptionMaker, {\an8} doesn't translate and instead, is treated as a part of subtitle and not an alignment command.
Thank you.

by Pappu at 17-11-11 09:51
Is it possible to set Frame Rate to Auto-Detect? I have to change the frame rate manually every time a video with different frame rate arrives. Would be nice if SubtitleEdit would auto set the frame rate of the new video by auto-detecting it.

by TCR at 17-11-11 09:57
The build 87 has a new layout, it looks great!

by fox at 17-12-11 12:14
Hi nikse
Could you please comment on the request for an option to point to mpc-hc directory the same way as for vlc player?
It was asked in comments for the previous version of SE, but unfortunately there was no reply.

by SeFan 10 hours ago
I have a subtitle file that has no line breaks. I have tried everything, but I can't make it work. Is there any way to import this file into SE, or is there any other tool that could help me?
Here's the text.
Thank you.

by vsemozhetbyt 5 hours ago
@SeFan You can replace this regular expression:

*(\d+) (\d+:\d+:\d+.\d+ --] \d+:\d+:\d+.\d+)

with this template:


in any appropriate text editor. Here is what I got:

by vsemozhetbyt 5 hours ago
Sorry, in regular expression above, replace --] with --]

by vsemozhetbyt 5 hours ago
O, my. Read ] as "greater-than" sign)

by SeFan 5 hours ago
@vsemozhetbyt I tried it in notepad++ but it does't work. Which editor did you use?

by vsemozhetbyt 5 hours ago
UltraEdit. But this is a simple universal regular expression, it should work in most cases. Sorry if it does not work for you. Maybe this will be ok:




(you should be sure the regular expression option is set in your editor replace dialog).

by SeFan 5 hours ago
Thanks a lot, @vsemozhetbyt
\s*(\d+)\s(\d+:\d+:\d+.\d+\s--\x3e\s\d+:\d+:\d+.\d+)\s worked in Notepad++.
You saved me a lot of hassle.
Thank you.

by vsemozhetbyt 4 hours ago
@SeFan My pleasure!

by one hour ago
@fox: You can edit Settings.xml manually - look for "MpcHcLocation".

@SeFan: Latest beta can now also import SRT like subtitles with no line breaks.

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