Subtitle Edit 3.5.4

Subtitle Edit is out in version 3.5.4.

It has been while since last release, so the change log is pretty big.

Thx for all the feedback and help!

by YOUSEF_MAGHRABI at 17-04-10 06:57
Nice & Perfect Thank You

by techguru at 17-05-10 02:43
now how about trying for hardsubs OCR
videosubfinder was updated finally a little bit last year
but it could use alot more...

you could probably use SOME of the code from it in SE

by perellii at 17-06-10 16:42
I used to rip hardsubs with AviSubDetector. It was almost perfect to save the time codes. I think it was open source too.

by perellii at 17-06-10 16:43
THX for your efforts, keep up the good work!

by MaYouniss at 17-06-10 19:30

by Lao Pan at 17-09-10 10:53
Using Subtitle Edit for Correcting Editing Timing English Subs on Chinese Films. (1080p)
With 3.5.4 using mpv for preview the subtitle font is tiny and unreadable - the beta has fixed this problem.
Thanks Excellent program.

by Mihai at 17-14-10 10:17
Using Subtitle Edit for Correcting Romanian Subs.
I have a problen when spell check composed words/abbreviations/shortenings. For example:

după-amiaza (afternoon), is recognised correctly because the 2 words around the "-" exist

d-șoara (the short for domnișoara=miss) in SE vision, they are 2 inexistant words. If they were passed as a word, the form is correct.

Can this be fixed?

by Mihai at 17-14-10 11:11
Another example:
"să-nțeleg", short for "să înțeleg"

by Marten Kresst at 17-15-10 07:17
I adore Subtitle Edit and I'm frequently using the "Multiple Replace"-option and the "Fix common errors"-option.
In Options-]Settings-]General-tab I settled for the "Subtitle font" TAHOMA, because it allows to see misspelled words with I (big i) and l (little L).
So, in the main window Subttile Edit really shows the font Tahoma, but in the working-windows of "Multiple Replace" and "Fix common errors" Subtitle Edit now shhows another font that doesn't allow me to see difference between the I (big i) and the l (little L).
So, here's my question: what I'm doing wrong or what can I do to solve that matter?
Thank you in advance.

by zachs75 19 hours ago
Good day and thanks for this magnificent software.
I'm using Subtitle Edit to create and edit greek subtitles. At the "Binary Image Compare" on OCR Method, the software recognises the greek vowels with ton (έ, ή, ί, ύ, etc) as the latin i, can you fix it please?
Thank you in advance.

by elmarikon 13 hours ago
For me, SubtitleEdit is the best Subtitle tool available!

My question is: is there a way to create the NetflixTimedText-Report.csv via command line?
That would help me a lot. Maybe there could be a command line option like "/report" or sth.

Second thing: Is it possible to export BluRay xml/png via command line? I can't find out how...

All the best from germany!

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