Subtitle Edit 3.5.1

Subtitle Edit is out in version 3.5.1 :)

This release contains mostly minor bug fixes and thx to var1ap Subtitle Edit can now use libmpv media player on Linux.

by Michael at 16-16-12 6:59 PM
Thank you again. I see you CAN'T UNDERSTAND. My problem IS NOT WINDOWS XP related.
Please don't make more OS advices. I am not interested.

I asked how to make mpc-hc or mpv to work (where to put the exe/dll to be recognised or what path to put in settings xml)

I am sure the answer is not OS dependent

And for testing, it is always the XP mode or VM or an under 50$ old PC
I have the latest mpv.exe for XP working. The correspondent debug dll ISN'T working

NOT pushing .NET demands over 4.0 should keep XP alive.
I know you made SE for fun and for us as your friends.
One of your friends ask for help.
Please don't throw it to garbage

by mokan at 16-16-12 9:59 PM
I want to convert sub/idx to srt for arabic
or sup to srt
Also the disappearance of colors and black frame when choosing a box


by at 16-16-12 11:44 PM
@Michael: Where is your mpc-hc exe located? Yes, SE is only running .net framework 4 due to XP...

@mokan: Simple rendering is... simple, and does not support color or background color. Hm, I just give the box another look...

by Michael at 16-17-12 3:10 PM
D:\UTIL\Audio & Video\MPC-HC\mpc-hc.exe
and SE is:
D:\UTIL\Audio & Video\#_Subtitles\Subtitle Edit\SubtitleEdit.exe

The drive is portable so the paths should be relative?

Also, pushing the button to dovnload mpv lib say: unable to dl, re-try later
The 0.12.0-git-5b7d0fb version of mpv.EXE WORK as a player on XP but the same versio of mpv-1.DLL is not (placed in D:\UTIL\Audio & Video\#_Subtitles\Subtitle Edit\ folder)
What to dl (normal or debug) - debug is HUGE and where to put
Can you explain, please?
Maybe fill it in: ?

Maybe the player folder to be at the same level with SE folder(not inside SE folder)?
D:\UTIL\Audio & Video\MPC-HC\
D:\UTIL\Audio & Video\VLC\
D:\UTIL\Audio & Video\MPV\
D:\UTIL\Audio & Video\Subtitle Edit\

Thank you

by Louis at 16-18-12 12:41 PM
Hello Nicson
Excuse that i insist on this request: Can you add to your the programme to control "words per minute" WPM ?
You should add it to the control that exists actuatually in the "character to the second."
For my work you had asked long ago ,I need you to know that it is hard and difficult to do.
Or, is there someone who can do?
Thank you so much

by Francesco at 16-18-12 7:18 PM
Hi Nikse

Thank you for your fantastic work!
I'm a friend of Louis (man who have commented before me) and as him I use your software for our work.
But both need an extra counter in LIST VIEW panel:
It's very complicated to explain our request with words, but very simple with the follow image:

Could you help us? or suggest us how to do?
Thank you in advance and again.. GREAT WORK!

by techguru at 16-19-12 10:45 AM
@niske..could you have SE pull word suggestions for the suggestion box from google?..maybe have it suggest the top 3 suggestions from googles search?

and @ micheal..yes your problem is XP related unless you want to make niske make a special version of SE for you..stop complaining over a dead OS

by Faldo at 16-19-12 4:35 PM

Is there is a way to launch a silent installation of the subtitle edit using a .msi or something?

Thank you

by Ant at 16-20-12 5:45 AM
Any chance, the SE works on Mac OS X?
If so, how?

by Isaac at 16-20-12 3:08 PM
Loving the new shortcuts in versions 3.5, especially the Merge with next/previous. Very useful - thanks.

Feature request - I'd love a text box shortcut that splits a line (at the cursor) and merges the text after the cursor with the next line. Possible?

Thanks for all your hard work creating this wonderful program...

by Robert Pinxteren at 16-22-12 10:44 AM
Thanks for this program.
In order to use my Nvidea 880m as graphics accelerator with VLC, I have to change vlc.exe to another name. Then i can't use VLC as video player in SE.
Could you look in to this please. (win10)
Thank you,

by Tronar at 16-23-12 11:11 PM
Nikse, I am sorry that I didn't respond earlier to your request testing the fix for the bug I have reported in the comments for 3.5.0. I was just swamped with work.

Anyhow, I did test the subtitle file (it's actually the last episode of season 6 of series "The Mentalist" (S06E22)) again and unfortunately the issue is still not fully solved!

When you use the function "Fix common errors", the boxes for the lines containing the text "752 598 H is M key O?" are still executed even if after I explicitly unticked them.

For your convenience I repeat my bug report from 3.5.0. again:

It is a problem of the "Fix common ORC errors (using OCR replace list)" subset. I unticked all boxed where this auto-correct would remove a space between a chain of numbers. Despite my unticking after clicking "Apply selected fixes" they were performed nonetheless and did not appear as unticked boxes in the next screen. [actually in 3.5.1 the lines didn't appear at all] After clicking "OK" the changes were also visible in the file itself.

I can provide you the respective sub file, but I guess it might be enough to take any .srt file and add some lines containing the following information:

00:00:00,999 --] 00:00:02,999
rsrsrf sdfsfd

00:00:03,000 --] 00:00:05,000
752 598 H is M key O?

00:00:05,999 --] 00:00:07,999
Test text

00:00:08,010 --] 00:00:10,010
"752 598 H is M key O".

00:00:10,020 --] 00:00:12,020
Test text

Then click on "Fix common errors", click "next", uncheck the boxes for the lines "2" and "4", click apply and see for yourself.

by Michael at 16-25-12 11:06 PM
I understand YOU are ABSOLUTELY SURE my PATH's problem IS XP related?
Have YOU tried on XP, and didn't work.
I am asking for path suggestions.

I don't need your OS suggestions.

Since you are unable to help solve the problem, please don't reply, unless you speak for Nikse

by Teko at 16-26-12 7:44 AM
Hello Nikse,
Thanks for the incomparable work of yours, it's really helpful.
I'd like to suggest adding a features (If Possible) to SE for the image-based subtitles:

- In the dialogue lines of a "text-based sub" , some media players have the feature of "Center-align to the left" if the line starts with a "-"
My question is: while converting from a Text-based to an Image-based subtitle, is it possible to add align options for the dialogue lines as:
* Center-align to the left" , if STARTS with a "-" (LTR Lang)
* Center-align to the right" , if ENDS with a "-" (RTL Lang)
I hope you get the picture,
Best Regards :)

by Matthias at 17-02-01 10:19 PM
Hi Nikse,

first of all, thanks for your work. I'm a semi professional subtitler and love working with your program. However, I always encounter difficulties when working with videos and template files with a frame rate of 23,976. In the beginning everything is in sync, but after a few video minutes the subtitles start to appear too early in the waveform. The longer the video, the more it gets out of sync. This of course sounds like a frame rate issue, but on the other hand all my settings seem to be correct - everything is set to 23,976. Maybe you have an idea what I'm doing wrong? I never have this problem when working on files with 25fps...

Thanks for your help,

by Gian Lorenzo at 17-03-01 4:27 PM
In questa ultima versione 3.5.1. build 1, a me non funziona il drag-and-drop per aprire i file del sottotitolo.
Non so se dipende da me o dal programma

In this latest version 3.5.1. build one, to me it does not work as drag-and-drop to open the subtitle file.
I do not know if it's me or the program


by Pappu at 17-14-01 8:32 AM
@Gian Lorenzo the drag and drop problem can be solved by holding down the ESC key and Left-Clicking on mouse.

by Pappu at 17-14-01 8:39 AM
I have two questions,
1: I use portable version. When I hit Options and Settings, it take around 20 seconds to open up the settings dialogue. Why the delay?
2: Which Subtitle format should I choose for the Netflix TTML?
There is Time Text Draft 2006-10, but it ends up with extension .xml. I want a ttml extension with ttml body like,

[p begin="" end=" region="topCenter"]body[br/]Center[/p]

The Time Text Draft 2006-10 does something like this:
[p begin="" id="p0" end=""]body[/p]

Any help would be awesome,.

by at 17-14-01 11:06 AM
1) It does a lot of loading... could probably be improved.
2) For Netfilx TTML use "Netflix Timed Text" :)

by at 17-15-01 3:59 PM
@Louis/Francesco: I've added an optional column in the list view "Words/min" in latest beta - Options -> Settings -> General -> List view columns. How does it work?

by at 17-15-01 5:19 PM
@Tronar: thx for the info about the "Fix common errors" issue - I've tried to fix it in latest beta.

by ZoneX at 17-15-01 6:16 PM

Please, can you test Subtitle Edit's video sync function with MPC-HC (32-bit) on 32-bit Windows.

As I can see from the source code, you have tested it only on 64-bit Windows.

The problem starts when try to use video sync, on 32-bit Windows.
Subtitle Edit refuses to load MPC-HC 32 video window on Windows (32-bit) because MPC-HC 32 uses DIFFERENT window class compared to MPC-HC 64.

MPC-HC 32 - 00010003:00000006:00000000
MPC-HC 64 - 0000000000010003:0000000000000006:0000000000000000 (Implemented in SE)

by at 17-16-01 5:17 PM
@ZoneX: thx for the info :)
The fix is included in latest beta.

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