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Subtitle Edit 3.5.4

Subtitle Edit is out in version 3.5.4.

It has been while since last release, so the change log is pretty big.

Thx for all the feedback and help!

Subtitle Edit 3.5.3

Subtitle Edit 3.5.3 comes with a huge change log after 284 commits and 130,000 downloads on Github since previous release:

  • New Netflix quality checker - thx askolesov/pavel-belenko
  • New subtitle formats
  • Import plain text now also supports input as HTML
  • Added "Total words" to statistics - thx Barbara
  • Added more Tesseract dictionaries - thx lucybook/Elheym
  • Added "Video auto-load" to UI settings (now possible to NOT auto-load video) - thx mtarini
  • "names_etc.xml" renamed to "names.xml" + local dictionaries now has a "blacklist" - thx ivandrofly
  • In "Change casing" it's now possible to add extra names
  • Export image margins are now percentage - thx aaaxx/gorgorias
  • "Insert subtitle here..." added to waveform context menu (append subtitle at waveform position)
  • Fixed crash in "Add to user dictionary" in OCR - thx alfix0
  • Fixed original file name bug in "Undo" - thx darnn
  • Fixed non default timecode scales in MKV - thx mkver
  • Fix layout of translator mode in RTL mode - thx darnn
  • Fixed possible crash in "CleanAutoBackupFolder" - thx kaser2010
  • Fix missing UTF-8 tag in OCR HTML export - thx dgonyier
  • Fixed issue regarding "Fix dialogs on one line" - thx ingo
  • Fixed possible crash in EBU STL - thx Elena
  • Video player "Stop" resets playback position - thx askolesov/pavel-belenko
  • Many fixes for TTML 1.0 and Netflix Timed Text - thx askolesov/pavel-belenko
  • Fixed locking of input subtitle file (for unknown subtitles) - thx darnn
  • Fixed crash after unsuccessful load of subtitle file - thx darnn
  • Fixed possible crash in "Batch convert" - thx FreezinG117
  • Fixed issue with the German open quotation mark - thx Ninelpienel
  • Fixed bug in "Reverse RTL start/end" - thx darnn
  • Fixed "FCP + image" export for drop frame rates - thx chris
  • Fixed finding Tesseract traineddata files on Linux - thx mooop12
  • Fixed loading of "mks" files from cmd line - thx Charles
  • Fixed auto-backup for "EBU STL" format - thx Mirka
  • Fixed new ASS/SSA style with space in name - thx hello_hello
  • Fixed issue with empty time code in format "TT draft 2006-10" - thx Georg-J
  • Fixed styling inside "span" in format TTML - thx Johan
  • Fixed hashtag character in "PAC" format - thx Nuri
  • Fix for "go to next" shortcut in translate mode - thx Alex
  • Fixed crash in "Binary image compare" OCR with empty image
  • Some minor fixes for spell check "change whole word" - thx N/A

Enjoy :)

Subtitle Edit 3.5.2

Subtitle Edit 3.5.2 is ready for download.

Change log (partial):

  • Added optional list view columns "chars/sec" + "words/min"
  • New setting for waveform: Set video position when moving start/end
  • Added preview text inside video for "libmpv"
  • Fixed play current/selection not stopping - thx rhazor
  • Fixed fast forward waveform scrolling with mouse wheel
  • Fixed bug in spell check "change word" regarding "¿?" - thx locotus
  • Fix in "Fix common errors" regarding de-selected fixes - thx Tronar  
  • Fixed italic rendering issue in format DCinema SMPTE - thx Miga
  • Fixed bug in image export - thx marb99
  • "Fix common errors" - only delete/merge line still enables "OK" button
  • "Batch convert" - don't clear ASS/SSA style after format change - thx Thunderbolt8
  • Fix for multi-line italic in format TTML 1.0 - thx nathaniel1977
  • Fixed "libmpv" re-open video issue

Subtitle Edit 3.5.1

Subtitle Edit is out in version 3.5.1 :)

This release contains mostly minor bug fixes and thx to var1ap Subtitle Edit can now use libmpv media player on Linux.

Subtitle Edit 3.5

Subtitle Edit version 3.5 is now available :)

This release contains:

  • "Multiple replace" is now organized in groups
  • Can now generate scene changes (via FFmpeg) + other scene changes improvements
  • Many new subtitle formats
  • Many new shortcuts
  • Many fixes, e.g. in "spell check, "auto-translate", and "compare"
Download and full change log

Video player and wave-form are now default visible - you can toggle show/hide in the toolbar.

Generating scene changes requires FFmpeg and you must point to the FFmpeg.exe in Options -> Settings -> Waveform - Path to FFmpeg.

In "Multiple replace" you can import rules by right-clicking in the rules list view and choose "Import...".


Subtitle Edit 3.4.13

Subtitle Edit 3.4.13 is out now :)

This time we have the usual fixes/improvements and a new Breton translation, "Video offset", new subtitle formats - read more in the change log.

Subtitle Edit 3.4.12

Subtitle Edit is now available in version 3.4.12 :)

This release contains the usual minor fixes and improvements and well as Norwegian translation. It's no longer possible to use mplayer, but support for mpv has been added which works much better than mplayer in SE.

Download and full change log

Subtitle Edit 3.4.11

SE 3.4.11 is out now. Enjoy :)

Subtitle Edit 3.4.10

And... a quick update of Subtitle Edit brings the version number to 3.4.10.

Change log:

  • New: Audio visualizer waveform filled - thx jdpurcell
  • Fixed: Crash in "Visual sync" - thx aMvEL / Bolshevik
  • Fixed: "Fix common errors in selected lines" - thx ingo
  • Fixed: Audio visualizer "Seek silence" - thx jdpurcell
  • Fixed: Audio visualizer "Guess time codes" - thx jdpurcell
  • Fixed: Possible startup crash with tiny or bad video file - thx ttvd94
  • Fixed: Alpha in ASS styles - thx ravi
  • Fixed: Line splitter regarding unicode 8242 char

Subtitle Edit 3.4.9

Subtitle Edit 3.4.9 comes with a huge change log. SE 3.4.8 had a bad bug regarding Sami and italic which is fixed now and many fixes and improvements has been made to the waveform / spectrogram.
Go download now :)